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MT 0.7(+custom avisynth)a filter to run filters multithreaded. Usefull for SMP or HT

I made this small filter now that dualcore processors begins to show up. I don't know how much faster the filters will be when running on a Pentium 4 HT but with my old dual celeron 400 MHz I got a 40 % speed increase. Also usefull for all the 8 way dualcore opteron computers
Also Included is a custom build of avisynth 2.5.7 that provides the two function SetMTMode and GetMTMode and some change to internal filters to support multithreading.

please post if there is some filters that doesn't work or what speed increase you got.

Get version 0.7 here (contains avisynth 2.57 MT version 5[src])
avisynth 2.57 MT version 4 [src]
Get version 0.6 here
Get version 0.5 here
or version 0.41 here

You can also get futher help to MT at the mediaWIKI page here

from the readme

MT is a filter that enables other filter to run multithreaded. This should hopeful speed up processing on hyperthreaded multicore processors or multiprocessor systems.
Technical info

Important: Allways remember to judge the result by looking at the speed improvement not the cpu utilization.

MT is a filter that split a frame up in smaller fragment that are processed in individual threads allowing full utilization of multiprocessor or hyperthread enabled computers. I tested it on my old abit bp6 with 2x celeron 400 MHz and it increased the speed by 40%. Note that if you is already getting 100% cpu utilization when processing avs scripts(ie if you're encoding to DivX/XviD) you don't need to use this filter.

The filter works like this avs function:

function PseudoMT(clip c,string filter)

The only difference is that a and b is executed in parallel and it is possible to split the frame into more than 2 pieces. If the filter works with the above script it should work with MT if the filtercode is threadsafe. Dust does not work with the above script so if you want to use iip use another denoiser or get Steady to fix the bug.

The filter to be run must only accept one input clip and that is last. Also the filter should not rely on the content of the whole frame(like smart deinterlacers) else there is a risk that only part of the frame will be processed. The filter should also be threadsafe. Most filters are threadsafe but some will produce a wrong result or crach.

copy mt.dll into the avisynth plugin directory and copy the included avisynth.dll into your windows\system32 directory or where avisynth.dll is located and remember to take a backup of the old avisynth.dll(rename it or something) if you don't have version 2.6 installed.

from version 0.7 two other filters are included too:

MTi() that creates two threads and let each thread process one field before combining them like this avs function
function PseudoMTi(clip c,string filter)
like the other pseudoscript a and b are executed in parallel. Note that only two threads are created so it will only use two (virtual) cores.

MTsource() that are used to run source filters multithreaded. It works like this:
function PseudoMTsource(string filter)
So different from the two other filters it is a temporal filter that fetches frames ahead of time and store them in the cache for fast retrieval.

MT(clip clip,string filter,int threads,int overlap,bool splitvertical)

All parameters are named. Function parameters:

clip clip = last
input clip

filter string = No default
filter to run multithreaded. Note that the filter must not change both the frame height and width (but colorspace is okay) and the only 1 input clip is allowed. It can be any build-in filter, avs defined filter or external plugin filter as long as the restrictions are observed.

threads int = 2
number of threads to run. Set this to the number of threads your computer is able to run concurrently.

overlap int = 0
- number of pixel to add at the top and bottom border or left and right border. Increase this if you see artifacts where the frame is split.

splitvertical bool = false
- if true the frame are cut vertical(and the filter is allowed to change the height) else it is cut horizontal(and the filter is allowed to change the width).

MTi(clip clip,string filter)

All parameters are named. Function parameters:

clip clip = last
input clip. Must be mod2 height for RGB and YUY2 colorspace and mod4 height for YV12 colorspace

filter string = No default
filter to run multithreaded. Note that the filter are allowed to change both width and height at the same time but only 1 input clip is allowed. It can be any build-in filter, avs defined filter or external plugin filter as long as the restrictions are observed.

MTSource(string filter,int delta,int threads,int max_fetch)

All parameters are named. Function parameters:

filter string = No default
source filter to run multithreaded. Currently only internal and external source filters are supported (like DirectShowSource, Avisource, MPEG2Source) . You can use an avs defined filter or a non-source filter but it might crash or produce frame corruption.

delta int = 1
this is how many frames there are between each frame request so if you are only going to read every second frame set it to 2 or if you are reading the frames backwards set it to -1. More complex frame access pattern like SelectEvery(10,3,6,7) are not supported (but might work anyway as the requested frames are in the cache, there will just be some waisted memory from non requested frame in the cache)

threads int = 2
number of threads to run. Set this to the number of threads your computer is able to run concurrently.

max_fetch int = 30
This is the maximum number of frames ahead of the currently requested frame that MTsource will fetch. Setting it to low will leaving the threads idle for most of the time and setting it to high will waste to much memory.



also user defined function (uses variableblur):

function unsharpen(clip c,float variance,float k)
return yv12lutxy(blr,c,"y x - "+string(k)+" * y +",y=3,u=2,v=2)

This one will not produce the intended result but shows how to use the triple quotes:

MT(""" subtitle("Doh") """,4,0)


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as published by
the Free Software Foundation.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

Please consider to make some donation.
Version changes:

* 0.1 first release.
* 0.2 Should be more thread safe.
* 0.21 forgot to comment out a Sleep(0)
* 0.25 Added the splitvertical option
* 0.3 More stable(and slower)
* 0.4 Includes a custom version of avisynth 2.56 beta that should speed things up
* 0.41 Minor speed increase
* 0.5 Requires the included modified avisynth 2.5.6 or avisynth 2.6
* 0.6 Bugfix: height can be changed with splitvertical=true without crashing. Also includes modified avisynth 2.5.7
* 0.7 two new filters: MTi(), MTsource() and Avisynth MT

modified avisynth 2.5.7

It contains the two new functions SetMTMode() and GetMTMode() and is needed by MT.dll. Install it by overwriting avisynth.dll in your c:\windows\system32 (and remember to take a backup of the old file first)
Technical info

These functions enable avisynth to use more than one thread when processing filters. This is useful if you have more than one cpu/core or hyperthreading. This feature is still experimental.


GetMTMode(bool threads)
threads - if true GetMTMode? returns the number of threads used else the current mode is returned (see below). Default value false.

SetMTmode(int "mode",int "threads")

Place this at the first line in the avs file to enable temporal (that is more than one frame is processed at the same time) multithreading. Use it later in the script to change the mode for the filters below it.
mode - there are 6 modes 1 to 6. Default value 2.

* Mode 1 is the fastest but only works with a few filter
* Mode 2 should work with most filters but uses more memory
* Mode 3 should work with some of the filters that doesn't work with mode 2 but is slower
* Mode 4 is a combination of mode 2 and 3 and should work with even more filter but is both slower and uses more memory
* Mode 5 is slowest(Slower than not using SetMTMode) but should work with all filters that doesn't require linear frameserving (that is the frames come in order (frame 0,1,2 ... last)
* Mode 6 is a modified mode 5 that might be slightly faster (But still slower than not using SetMTMode)

threads - number of threads to use. Set to 0 to set it to the number of processors available. It is not possible to change the number of threads other than in the first SetMTMode. Default value 0.


SetMTMode(2,0) #enables multihreading using thread = to the number of available processors and mode 2
LoadPlugin("...\LoadPluginEX.dll") #needed to load avisynth 2.0 plugins
LoadPlugin("...\DustV5.dll") #Loads Pixiedust
SetMTMode(5) #change the mode to 5 for the lines below
src=src.converttoyuy2().PixieDust()#Pixiedust needs mode 5 to function.
SetMTMode(2) #change the mode back to 2
src.LimitedSharpen() #because LimitedSharpen works well with mode 2
subtitle("Number of threads used: "+string(GetMTMode(true))+" Current MT Mode: "+string(GetMTMode())) #display mode and number of threads in use

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