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JMkvpropedit v1.4.3 - Batch GUI for mkvpropedit

Okay, I rewrote this thing and it's now a batch GUI for mkvpropedit, so it may be actually useful now.

For now you can:
-Set title; default, forced, track name and language of video, audio and subtitle tracks (it was compiled for maximum of 30 tracks of each kind, I don't think it's needed, but can be changed easily on the source).
-For title and track names there's a basic numbering function, where you specify the starting number and the padding.
-You can set the path for mkvtoolnix now.
-It's possible to just get the command line instead of actually editing the files.
-You can add extra command line parameters for general and each track.


JMkvpropedit 1.4.3
-Add missing "add folder" button to the GUI (drag & drop already had that feature but I forgot to add it to the GUI)
-Also added tooltips to the buttons because why not.

JMkvpropedit 1.4.2
Fix chapter removal

JMkvpropedit 1.4.1
Fixed typo that made the {file_name} param behave incorrectly

JMkvpropedit 1.4
-Updated to work with latest MKVToolnix version (v21.0.0)
-Updated MKV Strings (language/MIME types)
-Changed the maximum number of streams to 100 because why not

Updated some libraries
-ini4j from v0.5.2 to v0.5.4
-Apache Commons IO from v2.4 to v2.6
-Launch4j from v3.4 to v3.11

JMkvpropedit 1.3.4 (pre-release)
Add "{file_name}" parameters for titles

Made folder wildcard filter case insensitive.

JMkvpropedit 1.3.3
Now it's also possible to add folders to the file list.

JMkvpropedit 1.3.2
Added drag & drop targets for attachments' file fields.

JMkvpropedit 1.3.1
Corrected typo on command to delete attachments using its ID.

JMkvpropedit 1.3
Added support for adding, replacing and deleting attachments.

JMkvpropedit 1.2
-Use double quotes for file names in command line generation for non-Windows, now (hopefully) only double quotes need to be escaped;
-Open dialog now refuses to open non-existent files (i.e. typed paths);
-Chapters/tags files now have the *.txt filter, in both open dialog and the option to match file names;

JMkvpropedit 1.1.1
-Default value for mkvpropedit executable is now "mkvpropedit", meaning it can be executed if it's included in the system path;
-Value of INI file won't be checked for existence anymore, now that's done when the button "Process files" is clicked and will only display an error if the specified executable can't be run;
-Fixed small bug in detection of mkvpropedit path from registry;
-Buttons to browse chapters/tags files weren't implemented.

JMkvpropedit 1.1
-Interface redesigned, now it uses flexible layouts, meaning ugly hacks for different platforms aren't needed anymore, and the window is now resizable;
-Now the suffix for chapters/tags file can be specified.

Changed the option to select chapters/tags that match the file so now it works this way: "example.mkv", chapters will be "example.xml" (no change) and tags will be "example-tags.xml", as it didn't really make sense to use to same file for both.

JMkvpropedit 1.0.9
Added option to select chapters/tags that match the file (for example: if you have a file named "example.mkv", then the chapters/tags file will be "example.xml").

JMkvpropedit 1.0.8
-Added right-click menus to text fields and text area;
-Backslashes will now be escaped for extra command line fields (options file only, of course);
-Now it's also possible to specify a file with tags.

JMkvpropedit 1.0.7
-Fixed bottom button behavior when item at the bottom was selected along with other items;
-Escape backslashes for extra command line;
-Added option to specify chapter file in addition to removing it.

JMkvpropedit 1.0.6
-Removed border and background from buttons with images;
-Added button to remove tracks (will remove the last track).

Controls should not get cut off on Mac anymore.

JMkvpropedit 1.0.5
-Check for duplicate files when adding from command line;
-Option file will be saved as UTF-8.

JMkvpropedit 1.0.4
Files can now be added on startup as command line arguments

Added more character escaping for *nix.

JMkvpropedit 1.0.3
-Now it uses an option file to pass arguments to mkvpropedit (to bypass the Windows command line character limit);
-It should also work in Linux now (tested with Lubuntu);
-Fixed a very stupid bug, the code didn't actually check if "Edit this track" was checked for video/audio/subtitle command line generation;
-It'll now escape double quotes for command line generation; and escape spaces if not on Windows ;
-Added option to remove tags.

JMkvpropedit 1.0.2
Added option to remove chapters.

JMkvpropedit 1.0.1
-Added registry check for mkvtoolnix path if no INI file exists;
-Added drag and drop support for file list.
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