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Originally Posted by Ghitulescu View Post
Well, this is something I expected.
Not only that you contradict a lot of people from 2 countries, you still insist in your theories. I think anyone has by now realised the quality of the advices you give. Small sample size, short interval, yet grandiose conclusions, oh no, sorry, axioms.
Well I can't say I'd expect you to question the anecdotal evidence you found in a few forum posts via Google either. A lot of people from two countries?? At least I'm posting from experience, not quoting forum posts which probably aren't based on anything more than the same anecdotal evidence you're offering. And I use the word "evidence" quite generously. You'd be a funny fella if you weren't kind of sad.

Originally Posted by Ghitulescu View Post
Typically, around the time Groucho2004 burned the DVD whose scan was posted, the manufacturers liked to advertise a sort of 50 years for the lifespan..... yada, yada, yada......
Verbatim still offer a Lifetime warranty. What's any of that got do with the topic of whether the quality has dropped? Does it prove anything either way or are you still finding new ways to be irrelevant?

Originally Posted by Ghitulescu View Post
Should a DVDR be recognised and read out during the Verify phase of the writing procedure, there are chances that it would withstand at least 1 year (of course, if correctly handled). Top disks of 2010 may last up to 10 years. 50 or 100 years of storage are a dream.
And you've got the evidence to back that up where?? The Ghitulescu handbook of opinionated advice?

Originally Posted by Ghitulescu View Post
It is also a difference between a DVD out of specs and an unreadable (or partially readable) disk. An out-of-specs disk can be read back with great chances, as it needs 1664 PI before the error correction be completely screwed up, whereas the standard prescribes here only 280. So with the other parameters. Lots of disk having PO over 4 are perfectly readable. Changing the reader (using maybe an LG DVDburner) could make an unreadable disk readable.
Did you pretend to yourself any of that has anything to do with the topic as you wrote it, or have you even given up trying to fool yourself? Does the highlighting help you to pretend it's relevant, because it's not fooling me.

I'm still waiting for an answer to my last two questions. What's the age of my burner got to do with the topic of media quality and is your claim I'm using media from 2004 based in reality at all? You seem to have a habit of avoiding direct questions. Funny about that.....

And of course there's one indisputable fact which you conveniently keep ignoring. You asked me to post burn quality tests to show you the quality of burns I'm achieving today, which I did, and you've only been able to offer examples which show I'm getting the same results (or better) today that you were getting two years ago.... no doubt taken from your TY "premium collection". How have the results you posted achieved anything other than to help prove my point?
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