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Crazy family JPEG formats (2017).

Anyone can create this family. I took me wile the time so I don't advise to go this route.
Adds files codecs about unknown and the new functions JPEG and other codecs based on the JPEG codec which isn't located in the converter FFmpeg.

Independent JPEG Group's CJPEG, version 9b 17-Jan-2016
Copyright (C) 2016, Thomas G. Lane, Guido Vollbeding

Warning! Without function MaxMemory images 4K aren't encoded or decoded.
Do not ask me which means 'big gamut' and 'YCC' in 'cjpeg.exe': Create big gamut YCC JPEG file
Do not use function 'rgb' and 'bgycc'.
cjpeg_08bit.exe -maxmemory 1000000L -quality 90 -optimize -progressive -verbose RGB48.ppm YCbCr(yuv411)24_bt601.jpg
cjpeg_10bit.exe -maxmemory 1000000L -bgycc -quality 90 -optimize -progressive -verbose RGB48.ppm YCbCr(yuv411)30_HDR.jpg
cjpeg_12bit.exe -maxmemory 1000000L -bgycc -quality 90 -optimize -progressive -verbose RGB48.ppm YCbCr(yuv411)36_HDR.jpg

cjpeg_08bit.exe -maxmemory 1000000L -rgb -quality 100 -optimize -progressive -verbose RGB24.ppm nearlosslessR?G?B?24.jpg {checked decoding in HEX for 8bit}
cjpeg_08bit.exe -maxmemory 1000000L -rgb1 -quality 100 -optimize -progressive -verbose RGB24.ppm R?G?B?24(444)_nearlosslessRGB24.jpg {checked decoding in HEX for 8bit}
cjpeg_10bit.exe -maxmemory 1000000L -rgb -quality 100 -optimize -progressive -verbose RGB48.ppm nearlosslessR?G?B?30.jpg 
cjpeg_10bit.exe -maxmemory 1000000L -rgb1 -quality 100 -optimize -progressive -verbose RGB48.ppm R?G?B?30(444)_nearlosslessRGB30.jpg 
cjpeg_12bit.exe -maxmemory 1000000L -rgb -quality 100 -optimize -progressive -verbose RGB48.ppm nearlosslessRGB36.jpg 
cjpeg_12bit.exe -maxmemory 1000000L -rgb1 -quality 100 -optimize -progressive -verbose RGB48.ppm R?G?B?36(444)_nearlosslessR?G?B?36.jpg
This is the opj_compress utility from the OpenJPEG project.
It compresses various image formats with the JPEG 2000 algorithm.
It has been compiled against openjp2 library Sep-2016 v2.1.2.

cjpeg2000_RGB48bit.exe -i RGB48.ppm -o YCoCg48(444)_lossless.j2k -r 1 -mct 1 -C "" { checked decoding in HEX for 16bit}
cjpeg2000_RGB48bit.exe -i RGB48.ppm -o RGB48.j2k -r 1 -mct 0 -C "" { checked decoding in HEX for 16bit}
JPEG XR Encoder Utility
Copyright 2013 Microsoft Corporation - All Rights Reserved
JxrEncApp.exe -v -q 1.0 -d 3 -a 0 -c 10 -i RGB48.tiff -o YCoCg48(444)_lossless.jxr (don't import PPM)
WebP Encoder v0.6 Copyright 7-Feb-2017
cwebp_08bit.exe -q 100 -noalpha -progress -m 6 -metadata all -v RGB48.ppm -o YUV(420)24.webp {no import file metadata .exif/.icc/.xmp}
cwebp_08bit.exe -q 100 -noalpha -lossless -progress -z 9 -m 6 -metadata all -v RGB48.ppm -o RGB24.webp (bugs, no output depth 16bit)
FLIF (Free Lossless Image Format) 0.3 [7 Feb 2017]
exiftool(>v10.40).exe RGB48.tiff(raw) -o RGB48.exif/.icc/.xmp {if is metadata .exif/.icc/.xmp}
flif.exe -e -v -o -k -E100 -N -Q100 -K -W -P512 RGB48.ppm RGB48.exif RGB48.icc RGB48.xmp RGB48_lossless.flif {checked decoding in HEX for 16bit}
flif.exe -e -v -o -k -E100 -N -Q100 -K -A -P512 RGB48.ppm RGB48.exif RGB48.icc RGB48.xmp YCoCg48(444)_lossless.flif { checked decoding in HEX for 16bit}
exiftool(>v10.40).exe RGB48.flif {if is metadata .exif/.icc/.xmp}
DNG_validate (dng2jpeg), version 1.4 (64-bit)
Copyright 2005-2012 Adobe Systems, Inc.

Jpeg XT Copyright (C) 2012-2014 Thomas Richter, University of Stuttgartand Accusoft
default is to decode the jpeg input and write a ppm output (only Linux)

I don't think the topic is developed. However, as someone will have some news or for him are new codecs this let writes.

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