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I use LAV Filters otherwise it wouldn't decode HDR in MPC-HC without them afaik.
Maybe the file is faulty. I just played a different 60fps UHD HDR.
This one shows meta data, BT 2020 upstream and downstream, HDR 1000 nits BT2020->DCI-P3 which tells me what it was mastered in.
What is wrong with sending 10bit UHD 60Hz with HDMI 2.0? That is the native rate and I always match them. My display is native 120Hz fwiw. I have others that I send at their native rates at 23Hz too.

We were having a discussion about how it's impossible to play 60Hz titles at 10bit due to the HDMI 2.0 limitation spec. Does that OSD reading confirm or deny that I'm indeed playing 60Hz at 10bit or is it not relevant at all?
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like said before you can't send UHD 60 hz10 bit RGB with HDMI 2.0 and madVR OSD has nothing todo with that.

you are just sending stuff the GPU driver. if you like to MPDN can do 16 bit and if madshi wants to he could add that too(the last time i heard something about this is pretty broken) but that has little to nothing todo what the GPU send the display.

so not sure why you comapre the OSD to what is send to the display device.
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Thank you. Now I understand. madVR OSD only shows what is being input from the GPU and shows nothing about output to the display. I don't know everything about deciphering the madVR OSD like most of you. I'm learning. Thanks again.
HOW TO-Kodi 2D-3D-UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players
W10v1709 X5690 9604GB RGB 4:4:4 8bit Desktop 60Hz/12bit matched refresh rates
65JS8500 UHD HDR 3D
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Originally Posted by jkauff View Post
I just installed the new Nvidia drivers for my GTX 1080 without using DDU or Clean Install. I created a restore point first, just in case.

Once again, the madVR custom refresh rate entries were still there, but not working. For each one, I clicked Optimize, ran the test and saved the change (no change, actually), then rebooted. Played a test movie, and the refresh rate changed as it should have.

I did this for each entry that I use (only three), and all is working normally now. So basically a new Nvidia driver includes a 3-reboot penalty for my setup, but I can install over the old version and keep my Nvidia and OS settings.
this happened to me to after latest driver.
but a simply checking all custom resolution within nvidiacp do the work
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Originally Posted by Manni View Post
It's not converted to DCI-P3. It just lets you know that the content was mastered to DCI-P3 using a BT-2020 container. So you are correct to use a BT2020 calibration.

I suggested to Madshi to change the sign he uses to convey this information, as I think it is confusing to many users, but for some reason he didn't think it was confusing so it's stayed like that because he is the boss .

It would be nice if people could refrain from making blanket statements such as this. Yes, new drivers often break things for some. Yes, sometimes they break things for the majority.

But as far as I'm concerned, the latest 390.x drivers work fine, at least in 4K. I'm set to 4K23p with a custom refresh mode created by MadVR giving me a frame drop every 1-2 hours, and I use RGB 12bits 4:4:4. When I play 4K60p, the driver swaps automatically to 8bits 4:4:4. That survives a reboot and works fine here, as it has always done.

There are two limitations that I am aware of:

1) Like all the drivers after 285.28, you have to select 12bits from a non custom refresh mode. Once a custom refresh mode is selected, the resolution is greyed out and can't be changed, but it's still 12bits in 23p and 8bits in 60p if 12bits was selected from a non-custom refresh mode (at 30p max).

2) Compatibility is broken with Asio4all and most Asio drivers. Thanks to a kind member, I was able to find Flexasio, which works fine with some limitations.

So instead of making blanket statements simply because it doesn't work for you, please post details about your rig (OS version and build, GPU model, driver version) so that we can see if there is a common link between those for whom 390.x works fine, and those for whom 390.x doesn't work.

My rig is detailed in my sig.

By the way, 391.24 was just released today, I'm about to try it.
I posted details of the issue a bunch of times, anyway, it's GTX970 connected to a 1080P HDTV via HDMI running on Latest Windows 10 and with latest nvidia drivers, same issue with 391.24.

Tried, DDU in safe mode, clean installed nvidia drivers, same issue.
Last 3 driver releases cannot save tweaked custom resolution when set to 1080P23. Same for madVR, it throws driver error in your face if you try to apply a tweaked refresh rate setup.

And it's obviously a driver issue since the 390.77 works fine while 391.01, 391.05 and 391.24 do not.

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