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Old 29th August 2014, 21:48   #1  |  Link
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advice on this old analog interlaced source

I found an old analogic interlaced video recorded with two different cameras (both connected through composite to a video mixer); I digitized it, now I want to deinterlace it.

I found, sometimes, only with one camera, some fixed vertical lines in the entire pic:

I deinterlaced it with QTGMC and removed noise with MVdegrain. (Leaved at 50p at the moment and enhanced levels to better see the problem)


5s video, 3Mb

What to do?
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Old 29th August 2014, 22:00   #2  |  Link
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Try *.mp4 guy's "destripe" function . You have to tweak the values , and sometimes stacking instances with different values works better

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Old 30th August 2014, 22:32   #3  |  Link
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Thank you a lot poisondeathray!
Great func by *.mp4 guy's, works well!

As the problem is only in some scenes of one camera, should I isolate them and use trim to apply the func (a lot of work), or can I apply it to all video without losing details?
Doesn't this func affect scenes where there is no vertical lines? It seems not to ruin other scenes, but you know...

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Perhaps of interest, generally easier than Trim/Splice: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=162266

Or Perhaps ReplaceFrameSimple() is preferred, although ClipClop() copes with multiple replacement clips (255) whereas
ReplaceFrameSimple only copes with a single replacement clip (incase you choose different values for different ranges, as PDR suggests above.
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Old 31st August 2014, 13:25   #5  |  Link
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Very interesting your ClipClop, StainlessS, I think I'll use it.
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I want to use MDegrain as QTGMC denoise isn't enough, so I use something like this script:


bks = 8
ov = 4

QTGMC( Preset="Fast", EdiMode= "EEDI3+NNEDI3", ForceTR=3, SubPel=2, TrueMotion = true ,overlap=ov, blocksize=bks, SrchClipPP=3 ) #, sharpness=0.3


super = MSuper( pel=2, levels=1, hpad=32, vpad=32 )

MDegrain3( super, QTGMC_bVec1,QTGMC_fVec1, QTGMC_bVec2,QTGMC_fVec2, QTGMC_bVec3,QTGMC_fVec3, thSAD=800 ) #, lsb = true )
1) Leaving the framerate at 50, all is good. But if I put the SelectEven() part to get 25 frames, I get all distorted frames after Mdegrain3, so how can I use QTGMC+MDegrain3 having the same output rate as source?

I could do like this:
QTGMC( Preset="Fast", EdiMode= "EEDI3+NNEDI3")

prefiltered = FFT3DFilter(sigma=10,bw=32, bh=32, ow=16, oh=16)
superfilt = MSuper(prefiltered, hpad=32, vpad=32,pel=2)
super = MSuper( hpad=32, vpad=32,pel=2)
bks = 8
ov = 4
bvec3 = MAnalyse(superfilt, isb=true, blksize=bks, delta=3, truemotion=true, overlap=ov)
bvec2 = MAnalyse(superfilt, isb=true, blksize=bks, delta=2, truemotion=true, overlap=ov)
bvec = MAnalyse(superfilt, isb=true, blksize=bks, delta=1, truemotion=true, overlap=ov)
fvec = MAnalyse(superfilt, isb=false, blksize=bks, delta=1, truemotion=true, overlap=ov)
fvec2 = MAnalyse(superfilt, isb=false, blksize=bks, delta=2, truemotion=true, overlap=ov)
fvec3 = MAnalyse(superfilt, isb=false, blksize=bks, delta=3, truemotion=true, overlap=ov)
MDegrain3(super,bvec,fvec,bvec2,fvec2,bvec3,fvec3,thSAD=800) #, lsb = true )
but it's not optimized, as I must calculate vectors two times.

2) As I want to denoise after QTGMC, should I put also sharpness=0.3 inside QTGMC and make the sharpening after MDegrain3?
To avoid light denois+sharpen inside QTGMC and strong denoise with MDegrain3 and again another sharpen at last.

3) which sharpen is better with this kind of old analogic interlaced source? Could LSFmod be good?

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