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MVTools without idx

MVTools without idx?

I consider how to remove idx from MTools to make it native avisynth plugin without internal buffers and hack,
in particular for multithread.

What is idx?
It is not my design (but Manao). Here is my analisys.
MVtools internally calculate frames hierarhy structure: original size, reduced by 2, by 4, etc, and upscaled to pel accuracy (3 additional planes for pel=2). Also different YUV planes are stored.
Structures with different idx calculated for different clips.
Various MVtools functions share same memory internally for this structure (to prevent duplicate calculations and memory usage).
first MVAnalyse reserve the memories, with some hack, store and give pointer of arrays of idx to other instances or functions (in number of audio channels).

Introduce new function to remove internal hack with pointer:

MVPrepare (clip, int "pel", int "level", bool "chroma", int "sharp")

input is source clip.
output is clip of complex "superframes", i.e. hierarhical frame planes.


vb=MVAnalyse(prepared, isb=true)
vf=MVAnalyse(prepared, isb=false)

Impementation problems:

How to store structures in clip.
What format of clip? Probably for YV12 we could store separately Y,U.V superframes in yuv planes, and original (or padded) width.
But for YUY2 we can't (we do not have YV16 now).
probably it is better to store in RGB format with height=1 (same as vector stream).
So, frames YUV may be mixed (interleaved).

So, it will be like (pel=2):

plane00Y (level 0, pel index 0, Y)



plane10Y (level 1)

plane20Y (level 2)

For every subplane we need to store several (class) parameters.
They are currently:
Uint8 **pPlane;
int nWidth;
int nHeight;
int nExtendedWidth;
int nExtendedHeight;
int nPitch;
int nHPadding;
int nVPadding;
int nOffsetPadding;
int nPel;
bool isse;
bool isPadded;
bool isRefined;
bool isFilled;

Seems, they should be stored in avisynth framebuffers too (before every plane data).
Probably offset of every plane from start of framebuffer must be stored in framebuffer.
Currently planes memory are allocared with "new", so they are in different places.
Probably in every planes parametes block we should also store offset to next plane parameters block.
Seems, redesign is large but may be done.

Next problem is properties transfer.
MVanalyse need in width, height, colorspace of original clip.
Wel, some of them may be transtered instead of clip "audio" properties (audio_samples_per_second, sample_type, num_audio_samples, nchannels)
audio_samples_per_second should be 0,
sample_type may be used as pixel_type
num_audio_samples may be used as width
ncannles as height

(may be i missed something)

Sorry my English and mess.
May somebody can do it (may be myself)

...to be continued...

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