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Test new codecs 07.09.2019 SVT_HEVC & VVC for bitrate 4000kbps

At the beginning I want to write that these codecs have many functions. From time to time new ones come and not all of them have been tried here.

Test was used HLG 4k video, but due to the large compile-time change was used downresize to HD and CTU 32.

To the quality of color depth was maintained movie had to be 10bit.

Codec setting:

EncoderApp.exe --SummaryVerboseness -c "encoder_randomaccess_vtm.cfg" --InputFile=video_1.yuv --BitstreamFile=video_1.vvc --SourceWidth=1280 --SourceHeight=720 --FrameRate=29.972 --InputColorPrimaries=1 --InputSampleRange=1 --InputBitDepth=10 --InternalBitDepth=10 --OutputBitDepth=10 --MSBExtendedBitDepth=10 --InputChromaFormat=422 --ChromaFormatIDC=422 --MatrixCoefficients=9 --ConformanceWindowMode=1 --FramesToBeEncoded=750 --AspectRatioInfoPresent=1 --VideoSignalTypePresent=1 --ChromaLocInfoPresent=1 --VideoFullRange=1 --NumSplitThreads=1 --NumWppThreads=1 --NumWppExtraLines=0 --EnsureWppBitEqual=0 --LMCSEnable=1 --LMCSSignalType=2 --CTUSize=32 --MaxCUWidth=16 --MaxCUHeigh=16 --RateControl=1 --TargetBitrate=4000000

svt_hevc.exe -i video_1.yuv -b auto_svt.h265 -tile_row_cnt 1 -tile_col_cnt 1 -w 1280 -h 720 -n 750 -bit-depth 10 -umv 1 -brr 1 -color-format 2 -fpsinvps 1 -level 0 -tier 0 -fps-num 30000 -fps-denom 1001 -temporal-id 0 -asm 0 -rc 1 -tbr 4000000 -qp-file 32 -max-qp 48 -min-qp 10 -search-w 16 -search-h 7 -hme 1 -use-default-me-hme 1 -sao 0 -dlf 1 -tune 1 -interlaced-video 0 -compressed-ten-bit-format 0 -encMode 0 -vid-info 1 -sharp 0 -irefresh-type 0 -hierarchical-levels 0 -base-layer-switch-mode 0 -intra-period 59 -pred-struct 2 -constrd-intra 1 -profile 4 -hdr 1

My opinions:

The codecs you have to compile yourself. Some believe that GCC 9 is trash under Windows, others do not.
To compile SVT, use the mxsave function. It has its consequences. When compiling with X265 or BPG, mxsave should be used everywhere. In addition, the function is for new Intel processors, unfortunately the elderly are working slowly and you don't have access to the movie in the build compilation. We will not approach through player ffplay.
Movies don't contain P frames. The function "hdr" for SVT HEVT always means color range limited. The function "sao" for SVT HEVT is off because it is associated with assembler. Be careful of the precise number of frames in the film. codecs can start coding from the beginning of the movie. Here are 750 frames.
No HLG for 8bit movies!!!
I didn't use the "compressed-ten-bit-format" function in SVT HEVC. I was afraid of losing the quality of the film. It still doesn't work "hierarchical-levels" for SVT HEVC. The highest preset has been used.
The functions "InputColorPrimaries" and "InputSampleRange" are only with added implementation HDRTools v1.9 for VVC.
The codec VVC doesn't work with NumWppThreads=2 for 4 threads as for X265. Here there is always one value.

Info video SVT HEVC:
HEVC import - frame size 1280 x 720 at 29.970 FPS
HEVC Import results: 200 samples (232 NALUs) - Slices: 8 I 0 P 192 B - 0 SEI - 8 IDR

HEVC Video - Visual Size 1280 x 720
HEVC Info: Profile Unknown @ Level 4 - Chroma Format YUV 4:2:2

NAL Unit length bits: 32 - general profile compatibility 0x08000000

Parameter Sets: 1 VPS 1 SPS 2 PPS
SPS resolution 1280x720
Bit Depth luma 10 - Chroma 10 - 1 temporal layers
VPS#1 hash: 5328EF80995AB556CF5C99C86E59B6B08FBF068A
SPS#1 hash: D024FB8FEDC3940973337E7DC57C23E46355C892
PPS#1 hash: B78339627AB968CF6421914B6359F369970EBE1A
PPS#2 hash: DFBB310E9BE994A0DF0EFF93B0E25775CAFE491E

Duration: 00:00:06.67, start: 0.000000, bitrate: 3866 kb/s
Stream #0:0(und): Video: hevc (Rext) (hvc1 / 0x31637668), yuv422p10le(tv, bt2020nc/bt2020/smpte2084), 1280x720, 3864 kb/s, 29.97 fps, 29.97 tbr, 30k tbn, 29.97 tbc (default)

Examples of films:

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