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Old 30th April 2002, 18:04   #1  |  Link
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Live MPEG4IP -> player issues

Hi everybody:

I want to trasnmit to the internet an event... I research and fount that ffmpeg was the solution, althoung INCOMPLETE, the server don't work yet!

So I go for mpeg4ip, Using a LinuxBox for capturing the video and sending the data to a Darwing reflector installed on another LinuxBox, all works OK (cost me a lot!)

Now, the client part I have dowloaded the WMP4player-0939 (thanks DeXT) and for playing files is ok, but in real straming (using rtsp) the playing hangs after some period. Is this a know bug? is there a fix?

On the other way, I found that www.envivio.com has released plugins (real,quicktime) for playing real MPEG4. I installed them and for playing MP4 files, both real & qt, plays flawessly... but when I try to play the streamed rtsp... they cannot recognize, and only the wmp4player can, but again it hangs after a period with a this log:
13:19:08.140-plugin-6: Adding video plugin MPEG4 ISO mpeg4_iso_plugin.dll
13:19:08.190-plugin-6: Adding audio plugin mp3 mp3_plugin.dll
13:19:08.250-plugin-6: Adding video plugin divx divx_plugin.dll
13:19:08.300-plugin-6: Adding audio plugin aac aac_plugin.dll
13:19:08.300-plugin-3: Can't find export point in plugin SDL.dll
13:19:08.300-my_player-7: Creating streaming rtsp://***.***.***.***/tv.sdp
13:19:08.520-my_player-7: First port is 1024
13:19:08.520-my_player-7: Ip ports are 1024 1025
13:19:08.520-media-6: Transport returned is RTP/AVP;unicast;client_port=1024-1025;source=***.***.***.***;server_port=6970-6971;ssrc=54536A41
13:19:08.580-media-7: Using bw from sdp 0
13:19:09.020-my_player-7: rtp info is 'url=trackID=1'
13:19:09.350-media-7: media video - rtp tps 0 ntp per rtp
13:19:11.650-rtpbyst-5: Setting rtp seq and time from 1st pak
13:19:11.650-rtpbyst-6: video buffering complete - seq 16303 head 230166417 tail 230346577 2001
13:19:11.650-plugin-7: Found matching video plugin divx
13:19:11.650-divxif-7: Found VOL in header
13:19:11.650-media-7: Starting divx codec from decode thread
13:19:12.040-videosync-7: Created mscreen 007C5C80 hxw 240 320
13:19:12.040-avsync-7: Resynced at time 0 0
13:19:15.440-videosync-3: Failed to lock image
13:19:27.420-rtpbyst-6: video missing rtp sequence - should be 17055 is 17067
13:19:27.420-rtpbyst-6: video missing rtp sequence - should be 17068 is 17070
13:19:27.420-rtpbyst-6: video missing rtp sequence - should be 17071 is 17072
13:19:27.420-rtpbyst-6: video missing rtp sequence - should be 17073 is 17075
13:19:27.530-rtpbyst-6: video missing rtp sequence - should be 17078 is 17080
13:19:27.530-rtpbyst-6: video missing rtp sequence - should be 17081 is 17082
It would be very elegant if I can Transmit using Linux, Reflect using Linux and the client could be Linux, but also Windows and Mac using either Real or QT, so I can embed the video on a page..
that is my goal... this can be done if the players (real or qt) could recognize the MPEG4 as a valid from envivio which states "EnvivioTV is the world's first ISO MPEG-4 mixed media player."

well... either the MPEG4 stream generated by the mpeg4ip isn't ISO compilad (which I doubt) or the pluging player isn't iso compilant... or I missing something here?

Can you (DeXT, Chibi Jasmin, Doom9, anybody) can help me on this ?? thanks!

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Old 1st May 2002, 12:47   #2  |  Link
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Seems the player gets out of sync. FFMpeg is very compatible (its in fact the live part in mpeg4ip). I see two possible ways to go:

- Chibi and me evaluated a new player, that seems to be very compatible, you can get it from http://www.mpegable.com . Didnt try it yet with DSS.

- You could try to compile ffmpeg from the CVS source, there were great enhancements in the last few weeks. Win32 compile path is still broken, but works on linux.
Did you look at the mpeg4ip forum yet?
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