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Old 19th October 2017, 23:10   #921  |  Link
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frank, is this something that happens only with B3D2MK3D? I ask that because I ripped 00042.ssif from the Wonder Woman 3D bluray and then demuxed the left.h264 and right.264 streams with EAC3TO, then made a script with DGMVCSource(...,mode="hw") and dropped the script on MPC-HC. It plays fine every time, not ever hanging or looping. I tested it on both a Haswell and a Kaby Lake.

What are the scenarios where you get these failures?
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Old 20th October 2017, 11:32   #922  |  Link
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I don't think BD3D2MK3D could be the culprit, It creates only a AVS script with (basically) this:

# Load the two video streams (192000 frames per stream)
interleaved = FRIMSource("mvc", "00001.track_4113.264", "00001.track_4114.mvc", num_frames = 192000, cache = 2, platform = "")
#interleaved = DGMVCSource("00001.track_4113.264", "00001.track_4114.mvc", view = 0, frames = 192000, mode = "auto") # Old syntax for mode: hw = 0

# Current base view: left eye.
# The views are in the common order: AVC stream = left view, MVC stream = right view.
left  = SelectEven(interleaved)
right = SelectOdd(interleaved)

# Build Side-by-Side stream
StackHorizontal(HorizontalReduceBy2(Left), HorizontalReduceBy2(Right))
In this example, the platform mode is left to automatic. The plugin should use the hardware decoder if it is available. You can also force sw or hw mode from the GUI, but it's normally not necessary.

That script is then encoded in h264 or h265 with a shell script containing a command similar to this:
"D:\Tcl\work\BD3D2MK3D\toolset\avs2yuv.exe" ^
  "__ENCODE_3D_MOVIE.avs" -frames 192240 -o - ^
  | "D:\Tcl\work\BD3D2MK3D\toolset\x264_8bit_x64.exe" ^
  --crf 22 --preset slow --level 4.1 --vbv-bufsize 78125 --vbv-maxrate 62500 ^
  --sar 1:1 --range tv --colormatrix bt709 ^
  --frame-packing 3 --qpfile chapters_3D.qpfile --frames 192240 --fps 24000/1001 ^
  --output "00001_3D.264" --demuxer y4m --stdin y4m -
That .CMD script is launched directly by the user and runs therefore in a command prompt window, totally independent to BD3D2MK3D.
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BD3D2MK3D A tool to convert 3D blu-rays to SBS, T&B or FS MKV

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frank, is this something that happens only with B3D2MK3D?
The issue comes from the used decoder dll in the avs script. In HW mode they use the installed Intel graphics drivers (SDK).
FRIMdecode.exe without BD3D2MK3D has the same behavior.

Hmm... BD3D2MK3D demuxes the m2ts streams with tsMuxeR. You used eac3to. So I will test again with demuxed AVC and MVC streams by eac3to.

No way, same behavior.
So you may have another version of Intel graphics drivers. I used v21.20.16.4664
I give up.

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Old 27th January 2018, 18:13   #924  |  Link
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Originally Posted by trevorjharris View Post
The dependent (.mvc) stream for the selected video is not Blu-ray complient or does not match the base stream.
May be this is due to the SEI messages being in the wrong order...
I get the same error with FRIM encodes in DVD Architect 7.

I try to make a 3D-Bluray with menus and this is not possible with TsMuxer only.
I used TsMuxer to rebuild the SEI data but it didn't help. DVD Architect still complains about the MVC-stream.
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Old 11th February 2018, 23:42   #925  |  Link
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I'm having now a strange problem with my encodes in PowerDVD:

I try to make bluray-compatible streams:
FRIMEncode -i test.avs -o:mvc testMVC.avc testMVC.mvc -avi -sbs 2 -vbr 15000 40000 -cpbsize 3750 -u 3 -l 4 -profile high -level 4.1 -colormatrix bt709 -colorprim bt709 -colortransfer bt709 -viewoutput
When I set the target usage to "-u 1" or "-u 2" the muxed BD plays but it looses the second view at some frames. So 3D goes on and off and on and off.
When I set the target usage to "-u 3" or higher, everything plays fine.

I'm forced to use Software-mode, as my i7 870 doesn't support the hardware encoding. Is that the problem?

OS is Win10 64bit. Muxing is done with TsMuxer 2.6.12. I'm using Avisynth 2.60 32bit and FrimEncode 32bit, but that shouldn't be a problem?
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encoders, mvc

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