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MeGUI - mencoder x264/snow/mpeg4/XviD GUI with AAC encoding and MP4 output

MeGUI is my first attempt at a ripping software.

It is an mencoder based x264, XviD, Snow and libavcodec MPEG-4 (lmp4) encoder.
It supports all x264 features, all Snow features and a good number of XviD and libavcodec MPEG-4 features. In addition, it supports AAC audio encoding using the Nero AAC encoder (with BeSweet to decode the input audio), and muxing the result in an MP4 file using mp4box.

Supported input types: AviSynth scripts, AAC/AC3/MP2/MP3/MP4/MP4/WAV
Supported output types: AVI, raw video data, MP4 (audio and video)

MeGUI supports profiles for both audio and video so you don't have to configure every encoding job, but can just load your input and select a profile and you're ready to roll. There is a tab for Queues, similar from what you might know from VirtualDub.

In addition, there is a fully automatic MP4 creation facility with included bitrate calculations. You just need to specify a valid video and audio input, select a desired size and codec, and the GUI will do the rest for you.

Required tools:
.NET Framework 1.1
latest version of mencoder(it's part of the mplayer package, pick the version that best matches your CPU)
pgthreadGC2.dll (required when using mencoder & x264)
x264 CLI Alternative to mencoder for x264 encoding
besweet 1.5b29
latest version of mp4box(4/19 or newer)
DGMPGDec 1.21 or higher

check the readme file for more info on how to get started. Changelog of older versions comes bundled with the download.

Version history:

0.193 alpha 06/13/2005

bleeding edge alpha for the adventurous..

0.1915 05/08/2005, downloaded 338 times

new: supports x264.exe as alternative x264 encoder
new: supports x264 minimum gop size

changed: all references to merge jobs have been removed
changed: extension defaults to mp4 when using x264 for mp4 output (no separate muxing unless you are
in auto mode)

bugfix: the me type is set to the default in the GUI, preventing a mencoder abort if you didn't configure
the me type on your own
bugfix: invalid custom paths & working default path no longer causes a crash

0.1914 06/05/2005,

new: supports the AVC High Profile 8x8 transform in x264 (you will need a bleeding edge mencoder build for that.. CelticDruid has not yet released such a build at the time I'm writing this)
new: automatic vertical resolution suggestion for the AviSynth script creator, based on the DAR set and the croping values

0.1913 06/05/2005, downloaded 27 times

new: x264: all x264 options available in mencoder are supported. This includes abr, me range, me type, vbv buffer size, vbv initial buffer size, vbv maximum bitrate, bitrate variance (rate_tol), p8x8, number of threads and zones
new: xvid: supports adaptive quantizer (requires a brand new mencoder build, it was just added to mencoder yesterday) and zones
new: should be more stable towards improper AviSynth scripts (catches native Win32 errors as well now whenever it opens an AviSynth script)
new: additional disc sizes have been added as requested

changed: x264 options that do not apply to a certain mode are not used for the commandline anymore
changed: x264 and xvid credits rely on zones in the codec rather than external files. This will resolve whatever problems might have ocurred in the past using separate files and not use as much space because no files have to be merged anymore.

0.1912 05/16/2005, downloaded 609 times

new: dgindex is now run in its own thread so the GUI remains accessible while you create DGIndex projects
new: auto force film has been implemented. For now, open the new version once, close it again, then you can edit settings.xml to enable/disable it and set a percentage above which force film will be automatically applied

bugfix: chained jobs work properly now (broken since 0.1813)

0.1911a 05/16/2005 downloaded 62 times
changed: moved changelog from the 0.18x series from the forum to the included changelog
changed: updated readme file

0.1911 05/16/2005 downloaded 86 times

changed: autocrop function now uses 10 frames rather than 5, and uses the lowest possible crop value found if no majority can be found for one value from the 10 samples. This is done per crop value. In addition, I introduced a treshold to decide when a line/column is considered for cropping (got the idea from GKnot). It finally worked as it should in the few samples I have tried.

changed: non working DGIndex project files are now catched and no longer result in a crash.

0.191 05/15/2005 - downloaded 19 times

new: creates DGIndex projects (load them where you load the AviSynth script)
new: autocrop (it's a work in progress.. somebody come up with a better way than compare the color values of a pixel to the pixel in the upper left corner let me know)

bugfix: 5th subtitle track is now properly accessible

0.19 05/15/2005 downloaded 94 times

new: opens DGIndex project files.

bugfix: adding jobs, then deleting some and finally encoding no longer crashes
bugfix: changing the codec takes the encoding mode for the selected codec into account
bugfix: changing path of the desired executables updates the commandline immediately
bugfix: custom paths are fully functional now and do not throw an error if you don't have a copy of the executable in your megui path (it worked before and the custom path was used but the check prior to encoding wouldn't find the executable unless it was in the megui folder)
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