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DivX Pro 5.2, DivX 5.2, Dr DivX 1.0.5, and DivX Player 2.5.4 released!

Hi all!

It's been just over 5 months now since I officially joined DivXNetworks, and during that time a lot of really cool things have been happening in the world of DivX. It's been a while since I've been able to fill you guys in on all the details, so I'm going to run through a ton of information for you today. Take a deep breathe, relax, and commence reading below when fully prepared

DivXNetworks launches four new products
Today (Thursday 15th July) we are announcing the release of 4 new products:
  • DivX Pro 5.2
  • DivX 5.2
  • Dr DivX 1.0.5
  • DivX Player 2.5.4

We've all been working long hours to bring you a bunch of great new stuff. So now, ladies and gentlemen, here's what we have been working on here at DivX, and what's new in each product:

DivX is now available in four languages
DivX Pro 5.2, DivX, and DivX Player 2.5.4 are now available in English, French, German, and Japanese. Each of these product bundles contains all four languages. You'll also find various parts of the newly redesigned website have been fully localized, as well as our support system.

No Adware! (w00t!)
Since the inception of DivX Pro, we have strived to provide all our users with access to DivX Pro for free. In the past, we have achieved this by shipping DivX Pro 5 with an Adware package. As of DivX 5.2, we are taking action on your feedback, and all Adware has been completely removed from every single product bundle.

Get DivX Pro for free
So if there is no Adware, the next logical question is: "Can I still get a free version of DivX Pro?". And the answer is a resounding "Yes!".
You can now get DivX Pro, completely free, for an unprecedented 6 month trial period with no Adware. This means:
  • The DivX Pro codec
  • All the Pro features
  • The EKG application
  • No Adware
  • No nag screens
We will continue to strive to give you DivX Pro for free, who knows what the future may bring?

Get the optional Google Toolbar!
You love Google, we love Google, everybody loves Google! And now you can get the Google Toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and higher with your DivX installation. The Google toolbar allows you to:
  • Search the web with Google from any site
  • Eliminate pop-up ads
  • Fill in forms with one click
  • Highlight search terms on a page
  • ... and more
The toolbar is also completely optional - you don't need to install it to take the DivX Pro 6 month trial, and if you uninstall the toolbar later it doesn't affect your trial period. Cool huh?

Automatic update and "Check For Updates" tool
All of our products can now check for updates online automatically. This means that you can receive update notifications as soon as we make a release, and also check out other products and downloads that are available from DivX. No information is sent to DivXNetworks when updates are checked, and you can turn it off if you like from the product settings windows. You can also check for updates manually at any time by choosing Check for updates in the DivX folder on your Start menu.

DivX Certified DVD Players now in stores
Probably the coolest thing that has happened over the past few months has been seeing DivX Certified DVD players appear in retail stores worldwide. Here in the States, for example, you can now pick up a brand new Philips DVP 642 in stores such as Best Buy, CompUSA, and Wal-Mart. In Europe, take a look at the Philips DVD 737, or the newer DVP 632 model. All you have to do is burn your DivX movie to a regular data CD or several DivX movies to a regular data DVD and pop it into the player. No file conversion is necessary, and many stores are selling DivX Certified players for as little as $70! The positive feedback we have received not just in our own forums here at DivX.com, but also on forums across the web, and in reviews on the likes of Amazon.com, has been immense. We are regularly informed that DivX Certified units literally go of stock the same day shipments arrive because they're so popular, which is pretty incredible! Check out our newly redesigned Hardware section for more information.

DivX 5.2
DivX 5.2 now includes:
  • Support for three new languages
    DivX 5.2 is available in English, French, German, and Japanese.
  • DivX User Guide
    Full 120 Page illustrated User Guide, updated for DivX 5.2, including Quick-Start Guide. Localized versions (French, German, Japanese) will follow shortly - stay tuned!
  • How-to Guides
    Learn how to encode DivX video using a variety of software products, including VirtualDub, Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle Studio, and Ulead Video Studio. More to follow...
  • Encoder: New Fast mode
    A new Fast mode has been added to the encoder that lays around half-way between Fastest and Standard mode in terms of performance, but virtually matches Standard mode in terms of quality and compression. It is now possible to encode live capture directly to DivX without huge file sizes! Click here to read how Performance/Quality mappings have changed.
  • Encoder: Fix for Fastest mode
    Fastest mode now better respects the encoder rate control, so files more closely match the average bitrate you specify. This also means that Fastest mode now produced DivX Certified-conformant video. Note that Fastest mode requires a very high bitrate to achieve good quality. To obtain the DivX 5.1 behavior for this mode, disable DivX Certified Profiles and select 1-Pass, Quality-based mode with Quantizer=3
  • Encoder: Bitrate Calculator
    You can now calculate the bitrate you need to hit a target file size directly within the encoder configuration dialogue. Simply enter your target file size, the length of your video, and the audio bitrate. The bitrate calculator will enter the correct bitrate for you!
  • Encoder: Intel SSE3 (Prescott) Optimizations
    The DivX 5.2 encoder features optimizations for Intel Prescott CPU's, improving performance by up to 15%.
  • Decoder: Generic MPEG-4
    The DivX 5.1 encoder included a Generic MPEG-4 decoding option. In this release we have improved our generic MPEG-4 support so that your favorite decoder can play more of your favorite movies.
  • Decoder: Blocking fix (Oops!)
    The 5.2 decoder corrects a small issue that can cause blocks to be displayed along high-contrast edges in the picture, mainly affecting anime content. Watch Pokémon as it was meant to be viewed once again!
  • Handheld Profile update
    The handheld profile has been updated to better reflect the capabilities of DivX Certified devices already present in the consumer marketplace. By encoding with the new Handheld profile you can create higher quality video for your Handheld Certified device.

DivX Pro 5.2 (Upgrade Instructions)
DivX Pro 5.2 includes all of the changes in DivX 5.2 (above), and:
  • Encoder: Adaptive Bi-directional Coding
    Bi-directionally encoded frames were first introduced in DivX 5.0, giving a staggering 20% reduction in file size at equivalent perceptual quality. To date, all versions of DivX 5 have used only one non-adaptive bi-directionally coded frame in sequence. DivX 5.2 expands the scope of this feature. The DivX 5.2 encoder now selects both single and multiple consecutive bi-directionally coded frames adaptively, leading to higher compression ratios and even better quality.
  • Encoder: MPEG2 Quantization
    DivX 5.2 has better scalability thanks to MPEG2 Quantization support. Quantization plays an important role in the process of reducing the data used to store the picture. DivX normally uses H.263 quantization, which is optimal for low to high bitrate encoding. MPEG-2 quantization is useful at extremely high bitrates.
  • Encoder: Multi-threaded Feedback Window
    The encoder feedback window is now multi-threaded. If your PC has a HyperThreaded CPU, or multiple CPU's, you can now enjoy the benefits of real-time encoder feedback and control with minimal impact on encoding performance.

Dr DivX 1.0.5 (Upgrade Instructions)
Dr DivX 1.0.5 includes all of the changes in DivX & DivX Pro 5.2 (above), and:
  • Surround sound AC-3 audio
    Dr DivX can now preserve the original surround sound AC3 audio track from VOB files
  • High Definition transport stream encoding
    Dr. DivX now has improved handling of High Definition transport streams
  • New and improved video analysis
    Dr DivX 1.0.5 contains many improvements to video analysis, including determining the duration of a VOB file more accurately
  • MP3 CBR/VBR audio encoding
    Dr. DivX now offers more control in MP3 audio encoding with full CBR and VBR support, and bitrates up to 320kpbs
  • New audio boost to fix low audio encoding
    Dr DivX now boosts the audio volume automatically when encoding AC3 audio/VOB files
  • Latest DivX Pro 5.2 codec
    Dr DivX now features the latest DivX Pro 5.2 codec for superior performance, quality, and compression.

  • Numerous fixes:
  • File splitting is more accurate
  • Better optimized DV encoding to incur less dropped frames
  • Better accounting for RIFF chunk overhead for more accurate file sizes
  • Fixed slow audio bug for certain DV cameras
  • Fixed the opening of transport (.ts) stream files
  • Fixed the encoding for playback on PocketPC player
  • Fixed a bug where file splitting would cause a crash on 2nd pass
  • Fixed a bug that caused Dr. DivX to crash when using VirtualDub filters

DivX Player 2.5.4 (Upgrade Instructions)
DivX Player 2.5.4 now features:
  • DivX 5.2 decoder
    The DivX 5.2 decoder has been integrated into the player, adding support for all our new DivX Pro 5.2 features and enhancing playback quality and performance.
  • Support for three new languages
    DivX Player 2.5.4 is now available in English, French, German, and Japanese.
  • High Definition support
    Support for playback of High Definition clips. Support for playback of High Definition clips (720p playback requires a minimum system of 2.4Ghz, 384 RAM, 64 MB VRAM or better. 1080p playback requires a minimum system of 3.0 Ghz, 512 RAM, 128 VRAM or better.
  • Enhanced MPEG-4 playback support
    The DivX Player can now play an even greater range of MPEG-4 videos using the DivX 5.2 decoder.
  • Multiple speeds for Fast Forward and Rewind
    Clicking the Fast Forward and Rewind controls multiple times changes the Fast Forward and Rewind rate.
  • Improved performance
    Playback is smoother and drive activity is reduced when playing from CDs or DVDs

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