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Command line tool/method to write to uncompressed avi

How do you create raw uncompressed avis from avs scripts, preferably at the command line?

This is probably a really dumb question but I can't seem to find the proper method. I need to send uncompressed videos to someone so they can do their own compression.

I tried avs2avi with "no compression" and this resulted in a file that the person I'm sending the files to couldn't open. I tried VirtualDub simply selecting "save as AVI" and this resulted in a 7gb file. This seems strange to me since the movie is simply a sequence of power point slides set to an audio track. The original uncompressed AVI that I'm extracting the audio track from is only ~1gb, and the dimensions of the frameserved video are half the size.

Anyway, I feel like I'm doing something obviously wrong and I wonder if there's a simple method for this. I originally was using the avs files to create video for iPod, and now it's been decided that we should support WMV as well. The company video guy wanted me to send him uncompressed avis of the frameserved movies so he could handle the conversion, but if I can't produce proper avis that are comparable to the size of the actual uncompressed versions then I guess I'll have to convert to wmv straight from avs or something. (There are ~60 videos and the one that converted to 7gb is one of the smallest).

Thanks in advance and sorry for being a video newb.
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Maybe you increased the framerate or something? Try using a lossless video compression codec such as HUFFYUV. Or, you can just send the guy the original videos along with the AviSynth scripts.
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No question the uncompressed files could end up being tens of gigs in size.

Here's what you'd need, using ffmpeg as the transcoder:


Syntax would be

ffmpeg -i input.avs -an -vcodec rawvideo -y output.avi

To create a lossless Huffyuv compressed file, syntax is the same as above, replacing rawvideo with huffyuv

If you want sound as well, the syntax is:

ffmpeg -i input.avs -acodec pcm -vcodec rawvideo -y output.avi
ffmpeg can create WMV files, although I think WM8 is the latest version it supports. Don't know much about Windows Media Video, though. Me no like

nic's WM9encoder supports avisynth scripts, but it is a gui (although check it out regardless, I don't use the app and might be wrong) : http://nic.dnsalias.com/wm9enc.html

Zambelli has a command line way to create WMV via VBscript. http://www.citizeninsomniac.com/WMV/#WMCmd

To find out the codecs ffmpeg can read/write, type in

ffmpeg -formats

Additional list of codec info (might be out of date)


Discussion on ffmpeg syntax for windows:


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