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HDVInfo v0.93

HDVInfo v0.93


This FILTER grabs the timestamp and recording date info out of a M2T-D2V file. You can specify the time/date as an expression which is then subtitled on the video clip. It reads also for HDV camcorder setting during capture - aperture, shutter speed, gain.
HDVInfo use .d2v files created by DGIndex.

Known supported HDV camcorders:

Usage for HDV:
file="c:\clip.d2v"  # so you don't need to type the filename twice

MPEGsource(file) #open the video content
HDVInfo(file) # reads the recording timestamp
Version changes:
Version 0.93 - 09.09.2006
- removed DVInfo code till license clarification
Version 0.92 - 22.04.2006
- fixed bug with Daylight Saving Time
Version 0.91 - 22.04.2006
- fixed bug with local time conversion

Limitation to solve for version 1.0:
- only first file is read from d2v file (so there is a need to create separate d2v file for every m2t file)
- timestamp accuracy is 2-3 frames, so there is a need to add scene change detection to overcome this limitation

HDVInfo(filename, output, x, y, font, size, text_color, halo_color,
rec_format, tc_format, show_error, threshold, autoframes, autodelay, align,
data_code, correct)

filename - name of the input file, it can be .avi or .d2v file extension
x - x position within frame
y - y position within frame
font - font name (defult "Arial")
size - size of the text (default 18)
text_color - color of the text in hexadecimal 0xRGB, where R,G,B is from 00 to ff (default 0xe0e0e0 - gray)
halo_color - color of the halo around text in hexadecimal 0xRGB, where R,G,B is from 00 to ff (default 0x000000 - black)
rec_format - format of the display text - look below (default "%#x, %X")
tc_format - time code format, not supported for HDV now
[b]show_error - indicates whether to display error messages (default true)
threshold - With "threshold">0 the output is switched on if there is a difference of the recording date between
current and last frame which is bigger than "threshold" seconds (default 0)
autoframes - number of frames to display text in auto mode (for threshold > 0)
autodelay - number of frames in auto mode after which text will be displayed (for threshold > 0)
align - alignment of the text (default 3):
1 - left-bottom
2 - center-bottom
3 - right-bottom
4 - left-baseline
5 - center-baseline
6 - right-baseline
7 - left-top
8 - center-top
9 - right-top
data_code - if true, then info about aperture, shutter and gain is added to timestamp
correct - correction of the timestamp in seconds
output - variable to which output timestamp (default "rec_time")

Set Avisynth variables:
current_frame - frame number
rec_time - string of time and date
tc_time - string of timecode (only DV)
aperture - camcorder setting aperture in F stops (only HDV)
gain - camcorder setting gain in dB (only HDV)
shutter - camcorder setting shutter - denominater, eg. for 1/100 the value is 100 (only HDV)

Formats for "rec_format" parameter:
%a Abbreviated weekday name
%A Full weekday name
%b Abbreviated month name
%B Full month name
%c Date and time representation appropriate for locale
%d Day of month as decimal number (01 ? 31)
%H Hour in 24-hour format (00 ? 23)
%I Hour in 12-hour format (01 ? 12)
%j Day of year as decimal number (001 ? 366)
%m Month as decimal number (01 ? 12)
%M Minute as decimal number (00 ? 59)
%p Current locale?s A.M./P.M. indicator for 12-hour clock
%S Second as decimal number (00 ? 59)
%U Week of year as decimal number, with Sunday as first day of week (00 ? 53)
%w Weekday as decimal number (0 ? 6; Sunday is 0)
%W Week of year as decimal number, with Monday as first day of week (00 ? 53)
%x Date representation for current locale
%X Time representation for current locale
%y Year without century, as decimal number (00 ? 99)
%Y Year with century, as decimal number
%z, %Z Time-zone name or abbreviation; no characters if time zone is unknown
%% Percent sign
The # flag may prefix any formatting code. In that case, the meaning of the format code is changed as follows:
%#a, %#A, %#b, %#B, %#p, %#X, %#z, %#Z, %#% # flag is ignored.
%#c Long date and time representation, appropriate for current locale. For example: ?Tuesday, March 14, 1995, 12:41:29?.
%#x Long date representation, appropriate to current locale. For example: ?Tuesday, March 14, 1995?.
%#d, %#H, %#I, %#j, %#m, %#M, %#S, %#U, %#w, %#W, %#y, %#Y Remove leading zeros (if any).
HDR AGC - enlighten your clips
HDVSplit - capture High Definition Video
HDVInfo - timestamp your HDV clips

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