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MPC-HC video player Shaders guide

Mpc-hc + Shaders install (with default dx9 EVR-CP renderer) unofficial guide
32 vs 64 bit program version doesn't matter for shaders.

Mpc-hc installs the default shaders in the player directory Shaders subfolder. They are not required to run mpc-hc (they can be modified/deleted as required). It is also possible to download shader files available on the internet or write your own. Files with .hlsl extension in Shaders subfolder are listed in `Option->Shaders` submenu.

Install directory does matter.
To be able to modify shader parameters you need to have write access to the directory where the shader.hlsl file is located (by default the Shaders subfolder).
Also to have the option to use mpc-hc.ini, mpc-hc must have write access to the Install directory.
This will not be the case on Win10 by default with a `c:\Program Files\MPC-HC` install. To get around this, you need to either re-install to a user directory or change folder permissions. The simplest solution is to use a portable version (which can be used alongside an installed version).

How to get corresponding Shaders Menu when you install Shaders files ?
To be able to apply Effects quickly, they need to be saved as Shader Presets. You can then change Effects through the Shaders right-click Menu
Shader presets can be created/saved by using the `Select Shaders...` menu option, but by editing mpc-hc.ini we can get a ready to use Shaders Menu directly.

Mpc-hc Shader Menu mod guide:
Mpc-hc settings are stored either in the registry or in an .ini file, based on setting `Mpc-hc->Options->Player->Store settings in .ini file.`. This option will be greyed out, if mpc-hc doesn't have write access to the install folder.

Editing mpc-hc.ini (Close Mpc-hc before you start. It is advisable to make a backup copy before making any changes)

With a text editor, search for the Shaders\Presets section. Here is an example of what you might have:
0= Disable

You can directly edit preset names, Pre and PostResize shader chain filepaths. Be careful that all numbers must remain available: deleting 1=Sepia would cause issue here !

For more advanced users, Shader Presets can be used to setup Multi-Pass shaders.

Shaders Menu display order: Preset names are sorted alphabetically. To control the display order, preset names could be numbered (00, 01, etc.).

Modifying shader files
.hlsl files contain the Shader function and parameter values. In most cases, the effect has parameter values that can be modified. This can be done with any text editor (I use Notepad++, a multitabbed editor which offers c-syntaxic coloring). After saving the changes, they are applied instantly to the video playing.
In the case of LumaSharpen.hlsl which was developed for SweetFX game shaders pack, the default parameter values are not those recommended in this forum for video content playback.
If you want to switch between different parameter values for the same shader without editing, you can create a new shader with the desired parameter values, ex: LumaSharpen_3-1.20-0.015.hlsl. With this approach the Shaders subfolder can quickly become overcrowded, so it is important to know which shaders you want to use, together with the associated parameter values.

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I think there isn’t enough shader compilation checking.

For DirectX 9
fxc.exe /T ps_3_0 /Fc "Shader9.txt" "Shader9.hlsl"
For DirectX 11
fxc.exe /T ps_4_0 /Fc "Shader11.txt" "Shader11.hlsl"
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I haven't tried the external dx11 renderer so far, but I understand it requires dx11 shaders, which have a slightly different syntax than dx9 shaders.

Doesn't the compiler have a backwards compatibility mode (fxc /Gec ?) to enable use of dx9 shader files in dx11 ?

All the currently available third party .hlsl shaders available online were written for dx9.
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Optimized 2-pass Gaussian Blur (9-tap) shader:
bShaders\blurGauss.hlsl >> blurGauss_Y.hlsl
the kernel is hardcoded so you can't adjust parameters. Run it multiple times to achieve a stronger effect (ex: 5x).

below are Blur Gaussian and Blur Gaussian (5x) shader presets for mpc-hc.

0= Disable
1=Blur Gaussian
2=Blur Gaussian (5x)

For a near gaussian blur with an adjustable parameter, use boxBlur (3x) based on 2pass blurMean.
A multipass Kawase blur, also can approximate a gaussian depending on parameters.
For best performance with Heavy bluring, Dual-Kawase downsizes the video, blurs, and resizes-up.

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hlsl, shaders

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