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Ok let me explain more better if possible. I keep getting 720p encodes that were automatically set to anamorphic by VidCoder even if I changed the downscaling to scale up or down to target. I just tried to read the whole anamorphic post on Handbrake's Documentation and I must say that even the most learned of us would have a time of it. What I eventually got out of it is that supposedly Handbrake/VidCoder will produce an anamorphic video with preset flags that will tell the player how to play the file. Well maybe that's correct, though unless my output is in that stretched 16x9 mode it will not play that way on my PC with w/e be it VLC, MPC-HC etc... So is there a true way to convert 4x3 to 16x9 anamorphic so that I can enjoy it as that? Or there's really no way of changing a source's DAR? Most of my sources are MP4 downloads and mostly 1080p. I'm tricked into believing 1080p is automatically 16x9. It's not and that don't make sense. So according to you and VidCoder/Handbrake it's better off leaving anamorphic checked and Downscale always? If so why bother with 1080p 30 and higher settings? Why would I even encode the original file if I'm not going to change it? I see the 10 bit MKV HEVC difference right away! Even the audio at same settings sounds better at 10 bit. Very rare I'll get a clear sound from MP4 AAC no matter how many channels. Now AC3 and MKV especially at the 10 bit sounds incredible.

I don't tinker with much. My settings were at first 1080p 30 MKV with AC3 at 160 bitrate for Dolby Pro Logic II. Then I decided to go with AC3 Stereo @ Auto which gives you 224 bitrate. At 5.1 AC3 Auto it'll go to 640 bitrate. Sometimes I'll check pass through on 5.1 if it's 448 bitrate original. That's it. Then I just changed it to MKV Nvenc at 1080p 30. Same settings. When I noticed that some 720p files were still 720 with either of these two settings, I searched and saw the downscaling. I said why is it doing that if I want 1080p? Good question really. I then just changed that to upscale/downscale to target, but even if it supplied the 1080p the DAR still was 4x3 on some? Can you help me tweak w/e so that I can get 16x9 0n all my encodes especially since they're 1080p? If anyone is encoding to real HD and up and still watching 4x3 something's not right imo. I got lucky when I checked my previous work as most were 16x9. Now the 10 bit MKV are not really 16x9. I think if and only if there's a way to always have 16x9 on any high-def encodes it should be implemented automatically. If not then the industry can kill themselves with 4320p all they want and 4x3.

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