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EclCCE: Adds ECL support to CCE 2.66 trial


here is EclCCE, an utility that adds the load/save ECL (Encoder Control List) functionality and e few other useful new options to the CCE SP 2.66/2.67 trial versions. ECL support is added "seamlessly", you simply use the standard CCE menu items and toolbar buttons for loading and saving the ECL. There also is command line support for automatic ECL loading/encoding/exiting. Command line support only is available for earlier CCE SP versions. See the enclosed manual for more information.

Download EclCCE 1.81
Download EclCCE 1.81 Source Code

EDIT: Unfortunately my life has become too busy to continue development of EclCCE. Feel free to download and use the source code for your own enhancements to EclCCE. Good luck!

16/04/2004 v1.81

	- Added support for CCE-SP

	- Added VafFix INI parameter. Setting VafFix=1 in [EclCCE] section in
          EclCCE.ini causes EclCCE to handle the create_new_vaf ECL option
          the way it did in EclCCE v1.7b. Use this only for compatibility
          with utilities such as BatchCCEWS that rely on the previously
          "reverted" handling of create_new_vaf.

02/04/2004 v1.8b

	- Fixed: compatibility issue with CCE-SP 2.50/2.62/2.64, jdobbs's
          DVD-Rebuilder and command line ECL loading. No more AVIFileOpen
          errors with DVD-Rebuilder generated ECLs for CCE-SP 2.50.

	- Some internal code cleaning and small fixes.

31/03/2004 v1.8a

	- Fixed: Cancel button could not be hidden via command line or INI
          option for CCE-SP 2.50/2.62/2.64.

	- Fixed: under rare circumstances, CCE unexpectedly closed when
          loading or saving ECL.

	- Added: Fix for "invisible CCE window" issue with CCE-SP versions
          prior to (see CCE-SP HISTORY.TXT).

	- Added: sanity check on ECL files to display a reasonable error
          message when trying to load an unsupported ECL format (CCE Basic).

	- Added: -hideshutdown command line option. Global option to hide the
          Shutdown checkbox in progress dialog, press Ctrl-Shift-S to
          hide/unhide at any time.

25/03/2004 v1.8

        - Added: ability to run CCE minimized. CCE will be automatically
          minimized to tray if EclCCE.exe is run minimized and the –ecl
          and/or –batch/-encode switches are used. Requires CCE-SP
          or higher.

        - Fixed: Video/Audio/VAF file extension specified in ECL was reset to
          CCE default file extension when loading ECL.

        - Fixed: create_new_vaf ECL option was reversed. Now create_new_vaf=1
          really sets "Create new file" and create_new_vaf=0 sets "Use
          existing file".

        - Fixed: under certain circumstances, the ECL file was saved as the
          last video file dropped into CCE, overwriting the video file.

        - Fixed: Cancel button in Encode Progress Dialog was sometimes still
          accessible although it was set to be hidden.

        - Enhancement: shutdown timeout extended to 30 seconds. Also the CCE
          window is now brought to the foreground when the shutdown sequence
          is initiated.

17/12/2003 v1.7b

	- Added support for CCE-SP through CCE-SP

23/10/2003 v1.7a

	- Added support for CCE-SP and CCE-SP

16/10/2003 v1.7

	- Added support for CCE-SP and CCE-SP

25/07/2003 v1.6

	- Added support for CCE-SP and CCE-SP

10/06/2003 v1.5c

	- Added support for CCE-SP

30/05/2003 v1.5b

	- Fixed issue with Bitrate Tweaking feature that would sometimes
          cause CCE to crash after the last pass.

26/05/2003 v1.5a

	- Added option to prevent accepting multiple selections in the Open
          Project dialog to make EclCCE compatible with DVD2SVCD again
          (broken in 1.5).
	- Fixed bug in command line support for CCE versions prior to

22/05/2003 v1.5

	- Fixed: dragging and dropping ECL files into the CCE window was not
          possible (trial version limitation)
	- Added support for loading of multiple ECL files simultaneously
	- It is no longer possible to accidentally select EclCCE.exe for the
          CCE-SP executable when EclCCE runs for the first time.

12/05/2003 v1.4c

	- Fixed the "CCE did not finish initializing in a timely manner"

02/05/2003 v1.4b

	- Fixed: Advanced VBR Settings dialog was visible during automated
                 bitrate tweaking even though CCE was minimized to tray
	- Fixed: Shutdown feature didn't work when using bitrate tweaking

25/04/2003 v1.4a

	- Added support for CCE
	- Added ability to minimize CCE to the system tray during encoding

16/04/2003 v1.4

	- Added option to shut down system after encoding
	- Added EclCCE settings dialog along with the ability to
          specify the CCE process priority
	- Added a manifest file for CCE to the distribution. Copy
          cctspt.exe.manifest to the CCE installation directory to
          apply Windows XP visual styles.
	- Fixed: CCE window title was set incorrectly when ECL file
                 name contained a dash
	- Fixed: in some cases Encoding did not start when clicking
                 Yes in the "Save changes....?" prompt and then
                 canceling the Save dialog.
	- Fixed: in some cases you were not prompted to save changes
                 after modifying the Bitrate Tweak settings.
	- Fixed: problem with hooking into CCE when EclCCE.exe was
                 run with process priorities above "Normal".

27/03/2003 v1.3a

        - Fixed: Bitrate tweaking feature didn't take effect when
                 encoding was started by clicking the "Encode Now"
                 button in Encode Settings dialog.

25/03/2003 v1.3

       - Added bitrate tweaking feature.

11/03/2003 v1.2

       - Added command line support for earlier CCE SP trial versions
       - Added support for CCE

 05/03/2003 v1.1a

       - Added -nochapterlist command line switch

26/02/2003 v1.1

       - Added support for CCE

22/02/2003 v1.01

       - Added support for CCE 2.66 retail -batch command line switch
       - Added -nocancel command line switch

21/02/2003 v1.0

       - First release. Supports CCE

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