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sorry no clue i can't get this working.
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Originally Posted by Shiandow View Post
Using MPDN as a component inside another .Net program is probably not possible at the moment. That said, I have done some work in trying to separate MPDN into its components. The end goal is to have a fully open source and modular version of MPDN, but progress is a bit slow, and some rather important parts aren't allowed to be made open source hence the obfuscation.

I'm still hoping to find a nice option for the video-decoding part. Ideally something that doesn't necessarily rely on Directshow.
I know most obfuscators let you work on a method, class, module, or whole program level; I wonder if reliability could be increased by applying it only to the proprietary parts that can't be open-sourced anyway. The UI is relatively boilerplate compared to the image processing algorithms.
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workaround for renderscript error and fullscreen freeze

Looks like I was able to resolve my issue with the "Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object. (Mpdn.RenderScript)" error.

First I installed both the versions (x64 and x86) of MPDN that comes with an Installer (and Uninstaller), and then the Extensions that come with an Installer (and Uninstaller). Then I ran the uninstaller for the extensions first (deleting all settings), and then ran the uninstaller for MPDN (both versions) and selected the check boxes to remove extenisons and configurations. Next I installed MPDN (x64) from the installer with reset settings checked. Finally I installed the Extensions from the installer and checked for a clean install.

That got it where I could get into the options area and play videos again.

I found that if I change presenation API to anything other than Direct3D 9Ex (Direct3D 10.1 or Direct3D 11) then I would get the RenderScript error the next time I tried to open MPDN, and would be completely locked out again where I'd have to resort to uninstalling and reinstalling as detailed above to be able to get into MPDN again.

I also found that if I had full screen exclusive mode checked/enabled that the video would freeze (but audio still played) when I went to full screen.

I didn't have any problems prior to the latest Windows update using Direct3D 10 or 11, nor full screen exclusive mode, so it looks like whatever they implemented in their update broke both of those features.

I also have to uncheck Improve Chroma Reconstruction (which is checked by the default install settings) otherwise black, purple, indego, etc don't display correctly, but I don't believe that to be related to any of the other issues and it doesn't lead to an inability to play videos like the Direct3D and Full Screen Exclusive settings do now.

Now I just need to remember what settings (upscalers, downscalers, render scripts, etc) looked and worked best on my system...

Looks like SuperRes doesn't work now.
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System specs: Sager NP9150 SE with i7-3630QM 2.40GHz, 16 GB RAM, 64-bit Windows 10 Pro, NVidia GTX 680M/Intel 4000 HD optimus dual GPU system. Video viewed on LG notebook screen and LG 3D passive TV.

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Support for WinRT

Hi there. I try to run ANYCPU build at WinRT/ARM32. There is errors in it. After run it shows error (01.png) and menus dont clickable. I attach errors logs n screenshots. Can I hope ya add support for WinRT? There is an private VLS ARM32 workin well at WinRT. But I have no idea why VLC huys wont public it.
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Old 24th October 2018, 22:27   #4625  |  Link
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is this project under water?
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Old 26th October 2018, 11:07   #4626  |  Link
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Originally Posted by louiebh View Post
is this project under water?
The developer of this hasn't made any posts in 1yr so it looks like it is dead.
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Hi everyone,

I figured I should give some clarity on the current state of MPDN.

In short, at this point nobody is actively developing MPDN so for lack of a better word it's dead.

In more detail, Zachs has stopped developing MPDN for a few years now, and it seems unlikely that this will change any time soon. Slightly before he stopped completely he did pull me in as one of the developers of MPDN, so development hadn't yet completely stopped at that time. Unfortunately this was also the time we found out that MPDN misbehaves on new versions of windows, and eventually it became clear that the likely cause was the obfuscation software used to disguise the proprietary parts of the MPDN code. And being the only developer at the time I wasn't really prepared to find a (likely temporary) workaround that I'd have to maintain by myself. And that's basically where we are now.

However, for the optimists among you, while this does mean that MPDN is effectively dead, I'm still looking for a way to ensure its extensions can somehow continue to exist (maybe without some of the cumbersome, rarely used features), I have also put some effort into extracting the MPDN UI into a separate MPDN extension, with some success. Unfortunately this still leaves a gap that needs to be filled to turn this into a full functioning application. The main gap left is the I/O, i.e. the parts responsible for opening video files and outputting the processed video/audio. Those have no replacement at this point. The extension API is also currently a tad too complicated to easily integrate the MPDN extensions in other applications, and either way such an API is unlikely to catch on without at least some proof of concept which again means handling the I/O somehow. While I have some ideas, I'm not really seeing an easy way to realise those by myself any time soon.

Anyway thanks everyone for supporting and using MPDN, and until we meet again.


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Thank you for the Clarification
Its sad, but its how it is i guess..

Still using the Player since its one of the very few players with an advanced option set to play around with..
And the Quality is also very nice..

Thank you for all the work you guys have done..

until we meet again hehe

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direct3d, mpdn, nnedi3, opencl, reclock

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