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Old 30th October 2013, 10:10   #161  |  Link
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I have just tried the workaround.
I loaded the VTS_01_0.IFO, which gave the 20th chapter for the 29.97 fps NTSC file as 31:27.741.
I clicked Edit > Current FPS & selected 30.00
Then, Edit > Convert Chapter Times by FPS & selected 29.970
This immediately changed the 20th chapter to 31:29:18.

This is correct since the value set in Premiere was 31:29:18 exactly. When muxed into the MP4 to give an MKV in MKVmerge, the result played perfectly in VLC!
The chapter jumps occurred exactly at the scene changes!

This is not surprising since 30.00 is exactly 0.1% greater that 29.97, which is equivalent to 3.6 sec in every hour.
Or ~2 sec in my 32 min clip -- a very noticeable error when a chapter jump arrives before a known scene change.

This relatively small error may easily go unnoticed in most cases unless the user is aware that the chapters should occur at particular spots such as at scene changes.

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Old 31st October 2013, 00:00   #162  |  Link
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I thought I had best check to see whether a similar bug occurs for PAL.

The short answer is no!
This is fortunate because there is no other framerate value close to 25 fps listed in ChapterGrabber.

Hence, the problem is limited to NTSC.
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Old 3rd January 2014, 10:02   #163  |  Link
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Last time I used this program it worked fine, click.
But now I got this result:

Not counting frames to times but writing it as name of chapters.
What happened?

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Old 15th January 2014, 05:08   #164  |  Link
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Hi, if I save chapters (x264 QP file) as XXX.qpf, the output file hasnt structure as:

0 K -1
16364 K -1
29152 K -1
47625 K -1
65588 K -1
79564 K -1
89374 K -1
99771 K -1
if not:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<chapterInfo xml:lang="spa" version="3" extractor="ChapterGrabber 5.4" xmlns="http://jvance.com/2008/ChapterGrabber">
    <name>E:\DB Movies\DSSD10378\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_0.IFO</name>
    <chapter time="00:00:00" name="Chapter 1" />
    <chapter time="00:11:22.5340000" name="Chapter 2" />
    <chapter time="00:20:15.8680000" name="Chapter 3" />
    <chapter time="00:33:06.3680000" name="Chapter 4" />
    <chapter time="00:45:35.5680000" name="Chapter 5" />
    <chapter time="00:55:18.5020000" name="Chapter 6" />
    <chapter time="01:02:07.6350000" name="Chapter 7" />
    <chapter time="01:09:21.3020000" name="Chapter 8" />
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Old 20th April 2014, 06:15   #165  |  Link
lil vito
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Originally Posted by Yo View Post
Hi Jarrett,

I had an old version of ChapterGrabber, and now am happy to see that you have continued to update it, so I just downloaded and tried the new version. Thank you for the handy app.

A couple suggestions:

I saw a post on your blog, that import from web has been disabled, because Amazon no longer includes chapter names.

However, Barnes and Noble.com (www.bn.com) does include chapter names in its DVD descriptions, so I think you should re-enable search from web, and use B&N instead of Amazon.

Also--the program I find that I use most these days for re-encoding video to watch on portable devices is the freeware app Handbrake (www.handbrake.fr), which encodes with h.264, etc.

When one opens a DVD with Handbrake, the chapter markers are shown in the interface. Therefore, as HB detects the chapter markers itself, it doesn't need the chapter point detection aspect of ChapterGrabber.

However--HB just labels the chapters Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc. To add actual chapter names, one has to do that manually, one at a time.

However, after manually setting the chapters, one can now save the chapters to a .csv file, and one can also open a previously saved .csv file.

You now have several options of saving the ChapterGrabber chapter file. I would suggest that you add one more Save option, to save to .csv. That would be very nice, if CG could save to a .csv file that could be opened in HB, with all the correct chapter titles.

Could you add "Save to .CSV"? (I would suggest in doing that, to test the resulting .csv with Handbrake, to make sure it works with how HB uses .csv.)

(Until you are able to include that in a new version, does anyone know of a workaround, a way to quickly convert one of the formats that CG saves to into a .csv readable by Handbrake?)

Thanks again!
Understand that HandBrake will not allow you to add chapters, if they are not already present in the source file.
The only use for the import button on the chapters dialog, is to allow for importing Chapter Names in the instance you have chapters there already.
That being said, I dont like having generic "Chapter 1, Chapter 2" style names, and so made a quick Powershell script to convert named chapters from ChapterGrabber's native "*.Chapters", into the csv format required by HandBrake for naming of chapters.

As the script is a powershell script, you may need to right-click and go to properties to "Unblock" it, as it will have obviously come from the internet if you download it here. (Optionally, just copy and paste the content into notepad and save as "Convert-ChaptersToHandbrakeCSV.ps1")

You will also need to make sure powershell execution policy is set to 'Unrestricted', or if you pasted content into notepad and saved, then 'RemoteSigned' will work fine.
Set this via:
Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
Once this is done, you can either Run the script via Right-Click > Run with powershell
Run it from a powershell prompt.

Get-Help .\Convert-ChaptersToHandbrakeCSV.ps1
while in the folder where you saved the script for help.

Get-Help .\Convert-ChaptersToHandbrakeCSV.ps1 -Examples
for examples.

Hope this helps someone...
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File Type: zip Convert-ChaptersToHandbrakeCSV.zip (2.9 KB, 83 views)
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Old 4th June 2014, 07:08   #166  |  Link
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Hi Emp3r0r, Thanks for your work on this!

As background, JRiver Media Center lets you create "particles" from BD (and DVD) that is basically a playback range. Myself and another JRiver Media Center user (MrC) have been working on how to create these particles for Blu-ray Music Videos and populate them with the relevant chapter information so it presents and plays like a CD rip.

At present, his script calculates the MD5 hash (or optionally uses a ChapterDB Disk ID) to query the ChapterDB in the creation of the required number of tracks/particles + adding the names and playback ranges in JRiver Media Center. It is all working really well, but a couple of Q's as we work to finalise the workflow.

ChapterDB has lots of duplicate entries of which some of which are not complete. Does anyone know if there is there a way of:
- prioritising the complete entries to be returned by an MD5 Hash search instead of incomplete ones
- editing/updating/combining existing entries to complete them (I tried updating one such entry by adding the missing chapter names in ChapterGrabber but it did not seem to make a change on the DB).


PS - Is this the correct forum/thread for ChatperDB?
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Old 6th June 2014, 05:06   #167  |  Link
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Originally Posted by turbojet View Post
Hi, is there any plans to add simple command line support?

Examples: If E: contains a bluray
chaptergrabber E:\ -3 D:\celltimes.txt -celltimes - chooses the third playlist of E:\ no switch after disk input would choose longest runtime playlist and outputs D:\celltimes.txt in celltimes format
chaptergrabber D:\playlist.mpls D:\chapters.xml -mkvxml - outputs D:\chapters.xml in mkv format
other switches could be: -mkv (chapter) -cg (chaptergrabber) -timecodes -tsmuxer -x264

This would allow frontends to make use of this tool.
+1, this would make our task easer to integrated as well.
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Old 6th June 2014, 08:38   #168  |  Link
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FYI - For JRiver Media Center users, we have just posted a guide on managing BDs (mostly Music BD) by chapter using data pulled from ChapterDB - http://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?topic=89627.0
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Old 21st September 2018, 06:53   #169  |  Link
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Hi, Emp3r0r

I have never successfully used ChapterGrabber.

When I open a chapter file, the Title textbox will show a tip like "Database syncing...", Screenshot like this

And then the form will disappear without any message. How to fix it?

My environment:
Windows 10
ChapterGrabber ver
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Old 21st September 2018, 10:02   #170  |  Link
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Hi Aray and welcome to Doom9 forum.

ChapterGrabber is not longer supported.
You could try my chapterEditor.
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Old 21st September 2018, 23:45   #171  |  Link
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Originally Posted by hubblec4 View Post
Hi Aray and welcome to Doom9 forum.

ChapterGrabber is not longer supported.
You could try my chapterEditor.
Thanks for your help and the Powerful ChapterEditor software. It's very easy to get started, Although the UI doesn‘t look so delicate.
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