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Old 4th March 2007, 16:13   #1441  |  Link
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1/ Didn't know that.
2/ It does.
3/ Except for this, I won't post anymore
4/ Sorry... BeLight it is!!!
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BeLight 0.22 RC1

Are you aware there's a new version of BeLight?

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I've posted the link to the installer with all the basic dlls needed on the previous page:


and it points to RC-1, so guess someone doesn't read with attention.
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Said I wouldn't post but here goes

No need to worry people used the installer and got the latest stuff works wonderfully. THE END!
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Old 17th June 2008, 07:14   #1445  |  Link
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Originally Posted by Gilgamesh83 View Post

- Nero AAC: http://www.free-codecs.com/Nero_Burn...M_download.htm (Install Nero Burning Rom and copy the aac dll's found in the shared folder in the programs folder or search for Aac.dll, aacenc32.dll and aacplus.dll. I don't think you need registering.)
Very useful list but in the new Nero7 there aren't no more standalone aac.dll, and the last aacenc32.dll i get from nero was in now pretty old V.7.2.7 (from NeroSuite says in dll, V.

* could you bring back nice feature from the old BLb9 that all settings were saved on exit
* possibility to choose output filename other than default input filename (and auto rename of the .log filename from output filename) in BeLight would be usefull feature
* make it compatible with NeroAACEnc.exe option switches cause BLRC1 uses always the same encoding settings "-bsn( -vbr 0.5 -6chnew )" for the encodings which is in fact default value for nae_cli.exe and would be used anyway. And cause the old profile settings (streaming, normal, extreme) from neroaac.libs are gone you should allow to manually select Quality (-q values from 0 ... 1) and add newly introduced ABR mode (-cbr <bitrate>). Also there's in fact no option to use HE or HEv2 encodings cause BeLight always let the codec uses default LC settings which are in most cases not of any use at all (-lc -he -hev2 switch) and allow (-2pass) switch to be used


What is in fact -bsn switch used for BeLight/BeSwitch communication? There s nothing on it in BeSweets -help
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Old 17th June 2008, 09:20   #1446  |  Link
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It seems that for new look Nero_CLI GUI you should select that from pad (No matter if it's falsely preselected!! So you should change to faac for exam, and then to NeroCLI) but i get the new interface from the toolbar menu . It pretty fussy considering aac is the way to go and has three submenues not like other encoders just one submenu.

BeLight RC1 (aac only?) issues
* Changing -q settings in vbr mode doesnt impact on resulting filesize and no matter if i choose HE still it uses LC
* Can't be interrupted when transcoding starts by clicking on stop button only by manually kill BeSweet.exe in taskmanager
* Once when you change BeSweet CLI input in "View or Edit BeSweet CLI" none of settings that we change after won't be applied to the stream. Not that would even matter cause it always uses LCAAC and probably -q 0.5 (~400kbps) even when i used it firstly -q 0.5 resulted in somewhat ~700kbps bitrate but that was when BeLight was under the influence of the old Nero_ND (not CLI) lookalike interface probably read from BeLight.ini previous settings (cause i supstitute old version in the same dir and didnt delete .ini file)

While the previous version of BeLight (beta9) that worked with aacenc32.dll instead this nero_cli scaled very well and give pretty decent result for [Normal] preset, this cli version results in bulky bigger files that sounds even worse than with predecessor it can be with better audio level but in the end it's totally unpredictable or BeLight cant set the proper options for the NeroAACEnc.exe

Is there a way to try BeLight as gui for enc_aacplus.exe?

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