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Old 10th November 2008, 01:08   #1  |  Link
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HC_D2S by manolito or HCShredder by Darksoul71?

Hi manolito,
I was trying to use your HC_D2S plugin but the link didn't wok.
So I move over and while I was digging the net I read in the VMesquita forum that a guy (Darksoul71) who had a previous chat with you, made an implementation of your pulgin and it's called HCShredder. Hear is the post which I'm refering to:
Well at least that's what I briefly understood.

But I'm still having problems with it, hear is my log:
(of course I carefully read all the posts or at least I hope so! )

- 11/10/2008 12:47:56 AM
- DVD to SVCD Conversion
- DVD2DVD ver. 1.2.3 build 1
- C:\Documents and Settings\stefano\My Documents\My Videos\Capture\Video\VTS_01_0.IFO
- C:\Documents and Settings\stefano\My Documents\My Videos\Capture\Video\ITALIA 1 2008-11-07_180001_cut.mpg
Initializing finished.

- 11/10/2008 12:47:59 AM
- DGIndex
Creating DGIndex INI file:
- C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\dgmpgdec145\DGIndex.INI

Variable settings:
iDCT_Algorithm: 32-bit SSE MMX

Executing DGIndex.
Executing DGIndex. Commandline:
"C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\dgmpgdec145\DGIndex.exe" -CS=2 -YR=1 -OM=0 -EXIT -OF=[C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\DGIndex_Project_file] -IF=[C:\Documents and Settings\stefano\My Documents\My Videos\Capture\Video\ITALIA 1 2008-11-07_180001_cut.mpg]
Framerate: 25000
DGIndex processing done.

- 11/10/2008 12:48:07 AM
- Free on drive C: 94581.40 mb
- AUDIO Extraction
Found MPA stream id: 0xC0
Filename: C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\Extracted_audio_1.mpa

Audio1 delay: 0 ms
Audio extraction finished.

- 11/10/2008 12:48:11 AM
- Free on drive C: 94580.03 mb
- AUDIO conversion

Encoding Audio. Filename: C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\Extracted_audio_1.mpa
Executing BeSweet. Commandline:
"C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\BeSweet\BeSweet.exe" -core( -input "C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\Extracted_audio_1.mpa" -output "C:\PROGRA~1\DVD2SVCD\Movie\Encoded_audio_1.mp2" -logfile "C:\PROGRA~1\DVD2SVCD\Movie\Encoded_audio_1.log" ) -ota( -g max ) -2lame( -e -b 256 -m s )
Audio conversion of C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\Extracted_audio_1.mpa finished.

Audio conversion finished.

- 11/10/2008 12:48:23 AM
- Free on drive C: 94577.30 mb
- Video Encoding using QuEnc
StreamSectors: 4666096988
AudioSectors: 2967748
VideoPAPO: 72234360
ScanOffsetBytes: 3354
SeqAligningBytes: 213165
DVDBytes: 0
VideoEndHeader: 4
SubtitleSectors: 0
EmptySectors: 238.00
PictureSectors: 0.00
PureMPEGStream: 4590678356.67
Seconds: 91.44
CalcMPEGStream: 4590678356.67
Frames: 2236
CDSize: 4464.00
Number of CDs: 1
Cut point 4460.00

Executing QuEnc. Commandline:
"C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\HC_D2S\HCShredder.exe" -i "C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\AviSynth_Script_file.avs" -o "C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\Encoded_Video_QuEnc_PAL.mpv" -b 7200 -maxbitrate 9300 -2 -gopsize 12 -maxbframes 2 -dc 10 -auto -close -mpeg2 -trell -nocgop -nointerlaced -extreme -hq -scene -nocmatrix -aspectratio 4:3
- 11/10/2008 12:49:25 AM
- Free on drive C: 94476.29 mb
- Multiplexing Audio and Video
Executing MPlex. Commandline:
"C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\DVDAuthor\Mplex_hack.exe" -f 8 -o "C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\MPlex_Muxed_File00.mpg" "C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\Encoded_Video_QuEnc_PAL.mpv" "C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\Encoded_audio_1.mp2"
- 11/10/2008 12:49:28 AM
- Free on drive C: 94476.27 mb
- Determining length of audio
Analyzing: C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\MPlex_Muxed_File00.mpg
0.000 seconds C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\MPlex_Muxed_File00.mpg
Analyzing finished.

- 11/10/2008 12:49:34 AM
- Free on drive C: 94476.27 mb
- Authoring DVD
Executing DVDAuthor. Commandline:
"C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\DVDAuthor\DvdAut_hack.exe" -x "C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\DVDAuthor.xml"
- 11/10/2008 12:49:38 AM
- Free on drive C: 94473.45 mb
- Creating DVD ISO Image
Executing MkIsoFs. Commandline:
"C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\DVDAuthor\MakeIso.bat" -o "C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\DVDImage.iso" -publisher "DVD2SVCD" -volid "" -dvd-video "C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\DVD-Files"
MkIsoFs failed for unknown reasons!
For details open: "C:\Program Files\DVD2SVCD\Movie\MkIsoFs_log.txt"
Many thanks in advantage, for the help you'll give to me,
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Old 10th November 2008, 17:52   #2  |  Link
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Hi Stefano,

the link to HC_D2S works well here...

Otherwise I cannot help you much with your problems. HCShredder by DarkSoul is basically a different implementation of the same concept which HC_D2S uses. He uses his own prediction routines while I use GetCQ by Amnon. My plugin is made explicitly for DVD2SVCD, while DarkSoul uses a more general approach. I have no idea if HCShredder is compatible with a QuEnc interface so it can be used with DVD2SVCD. You should talk to DarkSoul...

I saw in another thread that you are also interested in making AutoQmatEnc work with DVD2SVCD. Basically you are on the right track with Qu2AQE.exe. This is a wrapper which makes AutoQmatEnc compatible with any frontend which is able to talk to QuEnc. DVD2SVCD can do this, so it should work. If it does not work for you, then you have to do the debugging and talk to DarkSoul.

What I am trying to say is that you are exploring new territory here. There are more log files in your D2S output folder than just the DVD2SVCD log file. Look at the contents of your output folder. Analyze the encoded video file. Does it play in a media player? (Media Player Classic plays m2v files). Check if the encoded audio file is alright. Check the muxing and authoring log files. What about the MuxMan log file?

You get the idea...
It is very time consuming and often frustrating. But it is the only way to learn these things.

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Old 10th November 2008, 18:50   #3  |  Link
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Hi manolito,
well... you're right again mate!

It's always better read and understand all the previous posts. Now this point is much more clear in my mind.
I do apologize for the story of the "missing link"; I don't know may be my browser was in a crash last night...

Anyway, now I successfully downloaded the plug in that I wanted and I tested it.
It's working like a charm to me and with the help of your great "read me" files, it's nearly impossible to follow in a mistake.

About the question of AutoQMateEnc and Qu2AQE... I don't know why it still not working.
I tried to read back the posts to understand more details but I'm still having no luck. What I'm thinking is that somewhere around should be a newer version...

Again thanks a lot again, you saved me one more time, I really appreciate your way to be professional.
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