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SEt's Avisynth 2.5.8 MT compiled for *X86_64*, Latest Build 4/16/2010

Edit: Quicklinks Updated 4/26/2010

Featured Release 4/16/2010
+ Resize artifacting fixed
+ Horizontal resize code re-written to use SSE registers
+ Worth noting, often used functions Temporal Soften, Merge, etc have been tweaked for a decent speed gain
+ Bug found, fixed in memory copy routine, again
+ Universal binary, no longer need to distinguish between AMD and Intel builds
+ Optimized BitBlt memory copy Routine
+ Started implementation of SSE3/4 specific instructions when supported processor is detected
+ Removed most code paths intended to support CPU's without mmx/iSSE
+ Resize functions reworked to take advantage of extra registers available when processor is in 64bit mode
Avisynth64 binary and installer built on 4/16/2010

Many of the plugins have been optimized and recompiled, please get the latest and greatest versions with this release.

Service update on 3/19/2010
+ Minor fixes to allow better usage of MT modes
+ Tweaks to code for small performance increases all around
+ Fixed resize bug
Use this build for Intel processors
Use this build for AMD processors

Version from 3/15/2010:
64 bit Avisynth 2.5.8 w/multithreading

Plugins (Alphabetically, for now)

New on 3/21/2010
AddGrainC x64

Built on 3/14/2010
AutoCrop x64

New on 3/21/2010
aWarpSharp x64
This version is based on SEt's original rewrite found in this thread

Built on 3/20/2010
Color Matrix x64

New on 3/13/2010
DFTTest x64-->needs the included libfftw3f-3.dll to be in your system32 directory

Built on 3/19/2010
DgDecode 1.5.8 x64
Note: Is missing some IDCT modes, will get them back ASAP

Built on 4/10/2010
EEDI2 x64
+ Vectorized main loop
+ Further restructured main loop to minimize branching, processor dependent speed increase

FeildHints x64

Built on 3/12/2010
FFT3DFilter-->needs the included libfftw3f-3.dll to be in your system32 directory

Built on 3/15/2010
note:The hlsl (shader program) file is edited from the original to adhere to pixel shader 3.0 syntax rules. Please make sure to place the correct file in the same directory as the 64bit plugin.

New on 3/13/2010
kemuri-_9's FFMS2 (The Fabulous FM Source 2)
Big thanks to kemuri-_9 for the build

Built on 3/29/2010
GradFun2DB x64

Built on 4/08/2010
hqdn3d x64

Built on 3/14/2010
LeakKernelDeint x64

Built on of 3/12/2010
MaskTools 2.0a41
+ Now straight from the source, Manao

Built on 3/31/2010
MVTools2 x64
+ Continued conversion and updating of assembly functions
+ Removal of some code intended to support processors without mmx/iSSE
+ Converted often used assembly functions to SSE2 instead of mmx/iSSE
+ Updated to latest shared function library from x264
+ Healthy 20%+ speed increase over x86 version in most cases

New on 3/14/2010
TDeint x64
This is basically the same as squid80's build, main differences being newer avisynth.h and newer compiler

TelecideHints x64

Built on 3/13/2010:

New on 3/20/2010
TNLMeans_x64 v1.0.3

New on 3/20/2010
TTempSmooth x64 v0.9.4

RemoveGrain x64

Repair x64

VerticalCleaner x64

Visit Squid80's homepage for more x64 plugins

Benchmarking Suggestions

Here is a 64bit avs2avi for benchmarking.
You can run it against the original

To simply run the script through Avisynth, execute the following at a command prompt:
avs2avi64.exe <path:\script.avs> -o n
A dialog box will pop up asking what to do for compression. Choose no recompression (or whatever similar option your os gives you) and the script will run without saving an output.

The same should be done with avs2avi.exe.

This will take two factors out of the speed equation: 64bit vs 32bit compressors and hard disk write speed. The final fps report from both runs will allow a fairly apples to apples comparison of the two builds.

Source Code
For those who are interested: The source is now hosted over at google code, I'll keep it as up to date as I can
The source is constantly in flux.

This wiki page has all of the plugins linked as well.

The source to any of the plugins I have personally modified is available upon request. Please message me if interested.

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