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Originally Posted by x265_Project View Post
All dynamic HDR requires external tools to analyze the color volume of the video, frame by frame, saving this metadata to a file. For example, Samsung contributed code to x265 enabling us to parse this metadata and insert it into the HEVC bitstream as SEI messages. We are always working with partners in the video ecosystem to find ways to make these kinds of integrations easier and more reliable for our mutual end-users.
Well that sounds very good. Hopefully you can achieve sth. sooner or later

With mkv not supporting DV you mean Matroska as the stream, right? Cause there are mkv containers with mpeg-ts Dolby Vision streams, that seems to work. But the matroska stream doesnt work?!

For example this one is an mkv: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bwx...dZaGtaVm8/view

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Oh jeez @d3rd3vil,

That so-called 'sample' is a classic example where some idiot has simply changed the file extension from .ts to .mkv

The sample has not been muxed into the .mkv container!
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Just in case you do not yet know already: The intel C++ compiler under Linux is not compatible with glibc 2.24-9 and newer, because:

According to x86-64 psABI, xmm0-xmm7 can be used to pass function parameters. But ICC also uses xmm8-xmm15 to pass function parameters which violates x86-64 psABI.

As a workaround, you can set environment variable LD_BIND_NOW=1 by

# export LD_BIND_NOW=1
This seems to be exposed especially on CPU's with AVX support. Of course, x265 will mainly use hand-crafted assembly where possible. But where this is not yet available ... you may have to be aware of possible risks if a recent version of glibc is used (well, I am not sure if x265 uses that, but I believe it is a quite basic library).

There are bug reports from the glibc project and RedHat.

Please don't mind me if this issue is irrelevant for x265. I just assumed that a cross-platform project using AVX instructions may be among the possibly affected.

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Hey Guys

Im encoding some Videos to h.265 using megui and x265 Encoder.
In 95% everything runs smooth, but from time to time i encounter an error. Half of the time when i restart the encode, it works, withouth changing anything.

Here is the Log:
[Error] Log for job3 (video, Matrix.(03).2003.Revolutions.German.AAC51.DL.1080p.BluRay.x264-Kristallprinz.mkv.avs -> Matrix.(03).2003.Revolutions.German.AAC51.DL.1080p.BluRay.hevc)
-[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:19] Started handling job
-[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:19] Preprocessing
-[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:19] AviSynth input script
--[NoImage] global MeGUI_darx = 120
--[NoImage] global MeGUI_dary = 49
--[NoImage] #resize
--[NoImage] LoadPlugin("C:\Users\Gandolf\Desktop\meGUI\tools\lsmash\LSMASHSource.dll")
--[NoImage] LWLibavVideoSource("F:\MeguiWorking\1g2hykjs.0bm\Matrix.(03).2003.Revolutions.German.AAC51.DL.1080p.BluRay.x264-Kristallprinz.mkv")
-[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:30] resolution: 1920x784
-[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:30] frame rate: 24000/1001
-[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:30] frames: 185956
-[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:30] aspect ratio (avs): 120:49 (2.449)
-[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:30] custom command line: --bframes 6 --pmode --pools 24,0 --pme --wpp --me star
-[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:31] Job command line: "C:\Users\Gandolf\Desktop\meGUI\tools\x265\avs4x26x.exe" --x26x-binary "C:\Users\Gandolf\Desktop\meGUI\tools\x265\x64\x265.exe" --preset slow --crf 24.0 --bframes 6 --pmode --pools 24,0 --pme --wpp --me star --sar 1:1 --output "F:\MeguiWorking\1g2hykjs.0bm\Matrix.(03).2003.Revolutions.German.AAC51.DL.1080p.BluRay.hevc" "F:\MeguiWorking\1g2hykjs.0bm\Matrix.(03).2003.Revolutions.German.AAC51.DL.1080p.BluRay.x264-Kristallprinz.mkv.avs"
-[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:31] Process started
-[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:31] Standard output stream
--[Information] [18.10.2017 15:44:42] avs [info]: AviSynth 2.60, build:Mar 31 2015 [16:38:54]
--[Information] [18.10.2017 15:44:42] avs [info]: Video colorspace: YV12
--[Information] [18.10.2017 15:44:42] avs [info]: Video resolution: 1920x784
--[Information] [18.10.2017 15:44:42] avs [info]: Video framerate: 24000/1001
--[Information] [18.10.2017 15:44:42] avs [info]: Video framecount: 185956
--[Information] [18.10.2017 15:44:42] avs4x26x [info]: "C:\Users\Gandolf\Desktop\meGUI\tools\x265\x64\x265.exe" - --preset slow --crf 24.0 --bframes 6 --pmode --pools 24,0 --pme --wpp --me star --sar 1:1 --output F:\MeguiWorking\1g2hykjs.0bm\Matrix.(03).2003.Revolutions.German.AAC51.DL.1080p.BluRay.hevc  --frames 185956 --fps 24000/1001 --input-res 1920x784 --input-csp i420
-[Error] [18.10.2017 10:08:31] Standard error stream
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] yuv  [info]: 1920x784 fps 24000/1001 i420p8 sar 1:1 unknown frame count
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] raw  [info]: output file: F:\MeguiWorking\1g2hykjs.0bm\Matrix.(03).2003.Revolutions.German.AAC51.DL.1080p.BluRay.hevc
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] x265 [info]: HEVC encoder version 2.5+2-18fa144d453e
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] x265 [info]: build info [Windows][GCC 7.1.0][64 bit] 8bit+10bit+12bit
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] x265 [info]: using cpu capabilities: MMX2 SSE2Fast LZCNT SSSE3 SSE4.2 AVX FMA3 BMI2 AVX2
--[Warning] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] x265 [warning]: Limit reference options 2 and 3 are not supported with pmode. Disabling limit reference
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] x265 [info]: Main profile, Level-4 (Main tier)
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] x265 [info]: Thread pool 0 using 24 threads on numa nodes 0
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] x265 [info]: Slices                              : 1
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] x265 [info]: frame threads / pool features       : 4 / wpp(13 rows)+pmode+pme 
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] x265 [info]: Coding QT: max CU size, min CU size : 64 / 8
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] x265 [info]: Residual QT: max TU size, max depth : 32 / 1 inter / 1 intra
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] x265 [info]: ME / range / subpel / merge         : star / 57 / 3 / 3
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] x265 [info]: Keyframe min / max / scenecut / bias: 23 / 250 / 40 / 5.00
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] x265 [info]: Lookahead / bframes / badapt        : 25 / 6 / 2
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] x265 [info]: b-pyramid / weightp / weightb       : 1 / 1 / 0
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] x265 [info]: References / ref-limit  cu / depth  : 4 / off / off
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] x265 [info]: AQ: mode / str / qg-size / cu-tree  : 1 / 1.0 / 32 / 1
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] x265 [info]: Rate Control / qCompress            : CRF-24.0 / 0.60
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] x265 [info]: tools: rect limit-modes rd=4 psy-rd=2.00 rdoq=2 psy-rdoq=1.00
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] x265 [info]: tools: rskip signhide tmvp strong-intra-smoothing lslices=4
--[Information] [18.10.2017 10:08:42] x265 [info]: tools: deblock sao
--[Error] [18.10.2017 15:44:42] avs [error]: Error occurred while writing frame 149307
--[Information] [18.10.2017 15:44:42] (Maybe x26x closed)
-[Error] [18.10.2017 15:44:42] Process exits with error: 0xC0000025 STATUS_NONCONTINUABLE_EXCEPTION (-1073741787)
-[Information] [18.10.2017 15:44:42] Job completed
My System:
-WIndows 10 64bit
-64gb RAM
-2x Xeon e5-2697-v3 (36C/72T)
-WIndows 10 64bit
-64gb RAM
-2x Xeon e5-2670-v3 (24C/48T)

There is more than enough free HDD space, that cant be the problem.

I run two Workers simulatneously, one with --pools 36,0 and the other --pools 0,36

It also happens when i set --pools 36,36 (running two or a single worker)

If you need any more information, let me know.

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no help on pirated content. Read the rules!
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@froggy1 Not illegal where i live, but ok.
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