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Update the AVStoDVD helper applications

I have been meaning to compile this little list for a long time, here it is finally. I will try to keep this list current as good as I can...

Since I still use the software on an ancient machine with a non-SSE2 CPU under Windows XP I took special care to point out which updates require newer hardware or software.

Please note that if you want to upgrade you absolutely have to download and use the 32-bit versions of the applications. All 64-bit software cannot be used under AVStoDVD

Here is a list of the AVStoDVD helper applications which can be updated to newer versions. I also tested the compatibility with Win XP and with CPUs without SSE2 capabilitiy (Intel Pentium 3 and older AMD Athlons).

According to the "Requirements" section in the A2D help file an SSE2 capable CPU is required, but I found that this is not necessarily true. The only helper software which requires SSE2 at the moment is LAV Filters 0.70.2, and it can easily be replaced by the slightly older version

.NET Framework 2.0 is only necessary for SubtitleCreator. For users who do not need subtitles .NET Framework is not required for using AVStoDVD.

The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed for BDSup2Sub. The program was last updated in 2013, but it works flawlessly using the current JRE Version (32-bit of course).

Version 2.60 is required (the latest 2.61 Alpha also causes no problems).

AVS+ is currently not officially supported, but after some tests I found that it works nicely with AVStoDVD (of course I am talking about the 32-bit version). The official pinterf versions can be found at GitHub, they still work under Win XP, but they require a CPU with SSE2 capability. Qyot27 made a build which also works without SSE2, get it here:
To enable multithreading the command "Prefetch(n)" must be appended to the AVS script which is created by AVStoDVD (where "n" is the number of prefetch threads). Users of my FFmpeg_VBR and HCenc_Mod plugins have the option to do this automatically.

LAV Filters:
AVStoDVD comes with LAVFilters 0.70.2 which still works under Win XP. The current version 0.72 requires Windows Vista or higher. For a non-SSE2 CPU the nightly build is the latest working version, under Win XP the latest working nightly is LAVFilters-0.70.2-16.

Starting with version 2.6.3 up to version 2.7.3 AVSMeter works (again) with AVStoDVD without any issues. Later versions up to 2.8.1 introduce a new entry in AVSMeter.ini called "LogUseFileSaveDialog=1". This setting makes the program hang. To make it work under AVStoDVD the value for this setting must be changed to 0. Starting with version 2.8.2 the default for this setting is 0, so it works with AVStoDVD without editing the AVSMeter.ini.

Newer versions than version 1.4.1 which is bundled with A2D are NOT compatible.

The included version 1.58 is the latest one. However there is an ICL build by Groucho2004 which is slightly faster and works well. Download the file "dgmpgdec158_ICL.7z" from here: http://www.iol.ie/~schubert/gas/dgmpgdec158_ICL.7z
Extract the files from the archive into the "DGIndex" subfolder, the file "DGDecode.dll" must be extracted into the "Lib" subfolder additionally.

The included version 2.2.3 is from 2014 and is slowly getting a little old. For the purpose of AVStoDVD it probably has everything it needs, though...
If you want to upgrade to a later version, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Starting with version 3.1.2 the FFmpeg AVS interface has changed. To work with A2D it is necessary to include the folder "...\AVStoDVD\Lib" in your "PATH" environment variable. It is also recommended to include the folder "...\AviSynth\Plugins" in the "PATH" variable.

Current FFmpeg versions do NOT work under Win XP. There are a couple of fairly recent builds by CoRoNe, rogerdpack and Sherpya which do work under Win XP, though.

The latest and highly recommended version which works under Win XP and does not require to modify the "PATH" variable is this one from July 2016 by rogerdpack:

FFMS2 (FFmpegSource):
AVStoDVD comes with the ffms2 C-plugin for AVS version 2.27 by qyot27. The latest version which works under Win XP is FFMS2 C-plugin r1315+119 version 2.30, It is available for download here:
This version works nicely under AVStoDVD. One thing I did notice, though, is that it is less tolerant with problematic or broken source files than other ffms2 versions.
The last ffms2 version which does handle problematic sources flawlessly is FFMS2 C-plugin 1140+101 from 2016. Get it here:
The current C-plugin versions need at least Windows Vista, get them here:

Upgrading to FFMS2000 is not recommended because there are no benefits plus it would require to patch the AVStoDVD executable.

One note of caution:
It is NOT recommended to have a different ffms2 version in your "...\AviSynth\Plugins" folder. If you do it is much safer to copy the files ffms2.dll and ffms2.avsi from the AVStoDVD\Lib folder into the AviSynth\Plugins folder.

Works up to version 18.05. The current version 18.08 is NOT compatible with AVStoDVD..

The only file from the package which is actually used by AVStoDVD is "mkvextract.exe". The current version 26.0.0 works nicely.

AVStoDVD comes with two different Mplex versions, a "normal" version and a version which requires SSE2. In my experience the SSE2 version has no advantages whatsoever, in my tests it was even slower than the normal version. I recommend to leave everything as it is.

AVStoDVD comes with the latest stable version 2.2. There is a newer release candidate version 2.3 available, but the author stopped working on it in 2008, so I did not test it under A2D.

All other helper applications are current. Most of them are static, i.e. there will probably be no more updates for them.

Comments and corrections welcome...

Here is the link to the current version of my plugins for AVStoDVD:

The package consists of FFmpeg_VBR (adds VBR modes for the FFmpeg encoder), Wavi_Mod (offers alternative audio normalizing modes) and HCenc_Mod (users can add custom parameters to HC.ini).


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