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Barbershop (movie only w/menu) cheat sheet

Barbershop Movie and Menu only)R1 - Cheat Sheet
Courtesy of 2CL

Movie with menu intact.
Special Features selections disabled except commentary
English 5.1 and English Commentary
FBI warnings bypassed
PG-13 declaration bypassed

Tools I used:
For ripping movie to harddrive: Smartripper 2.41
For editing the DVD navigations: IfoEdit 0.95
For burning the final product: ImgTool 0.95 with reallocation of files unchecked.

1. Create a folder named “Barbershop” and two sub-folders named “Files” and “English”
2. Ripped VIDEO_TS.*, and VTS_01_* to “Barbershop” folder
3. Region free every IFO just in case and save .
4. Get VTS Sectors.
5. Strip Audio 2 (Español). Use “English” subfolder as destination folder
6. Copy original VIDEO_TS.VOB, VTS_01_0.VOB , VTS_01_0.IFO to “English” sub-folder.
**From now, any edits we do, will be in your “English” sub-folder.

7. This is a good time to backup your IFOs in your “English” sub-folder, so copy them into your “Files” sub-folder.
8. In VIDEO_TS.IFO/First Play PGC/PGC Command Table and edit.

OLD > 1.Pre Command (JumpTT) Jump to Title: 10 [30 02 00 00 00 0a 00 00 ]
NEW > 1.Pre Command (JumpSS VTSM) Jump to TitleSet(vts): 1, Title(ttn): 1, root-menu [30 06 00 01 01 83 00 00 ]

Translation: Bypass MGM Intro Logo
9. . In VIDEO_TS.IFO/VMGM_PGCI_UT/PGC-Menu_2/PGC Command Table:, edit

OLD > 7.Pre Command (JumpTT) Jump to Title: 9 [30 02 00 00 00 09 00 00 ]
NEW > 7.Pre Command (JumpSS VTSM) Jump to TitleSet(vts): 1, Title(ttn): 1, root-menu [30 06 00 01 01 83 00 00 ]

Translation: When the movie ends, instead of playing miscellaneous crap after afterwards, its goes straight to main menu.
11. Get VTS Sectors
12. Tweaks In VTS_01_0.IFO/VTSM_PGCI_UT/PGC-MENU_21/PGC Command Table:, edit

OLD > 4.Pre Command (JumpSS VMGM) Jump to VMG PGC: 4 [30 06 00 04 00 c0 00 00 ]
NEW > 4.Pre Command (LinkPGCN) Link PGC 22 [20 04 00 00 00 00 00 16 ]

Translation: In your first page of Special Features, Outtakes and Barber School Interactive Game is disabled.
Details: Is hard to explain this. What I found out that PGC-Menu_21 contained the jump to VMG 4 which controlled the jumps to the other special feature selections. So I just navigated it back to our main menu, which is in PGC-Menu_22.
13. Repeat Step 11 with pre command #1 in PGC-MENUs 23, 24 ,and 26.

Translation: The Hair Club menu, Deleted Scenes menu, and page 2 of Special Features are disabled, respectively.
14. In VTS_01_0.IFO/VTSM_PGCI_UT/PGC-MENU_37/PGC Command Table:, there are no pre-commands. Double-click on “Number of Pre commands” and enter 1. Refresh by clicking on another PGC-Menu and then clicking on PGC-Menu 37 again.

By default, 1.Post Command (JumpVTS_PTT) Jump to Title(ttn): 1 Chapter(pttn): 1 [30 05 00 01 00 01 00 00 ]
shifted up to pre-command # 1. No editing here as this is what we wantour pre-command #1 to be.

Translation: PG-13 rating declaration is bypassed.

Correcting the Español Stereo Surround button

If you can live with selecting Español Stereo surround and hearing no audio when selected, then disregard this step.

Since we stripped out Audio 2, which was our Spanish audio, all other following audio shifted up. If you played the movie in “English” sub-folder with the new VTS_01_0.IFO, you would hear the commentary audio (originally Audio 3, but now new Audio 2) in it’s place. The commentary is found in your first page of Special Features. Let’s correct that.

A. In VTS_01_0.IFO/VTS_PGCITI/VTS_PGC_1/Audio Stream 2 & 3. Edit by double-left clicking…

OLD > Audio stream 2 status 33280 [8100]
NEW > Audio stream 2 status 32768 [8000]

OLD > Audio stream 3 status 0 [0000]
NEW > Audio stream 3 status 33280 [8100]

Translation: Selecting Español now plays English 5.1 too. I have read that the value 32768 is your default audio.
Note: If you select commentary audio in Special Features, it will play commentary instead of English 5.1.
CAUTION: Option B may produce unpredictable results. I was just trial-and-erroring where the start frame would be, after the MGM lion and before the movie. After I burnt the movie, the movie played later than I planned. It previewed fine in IFOedit. Play with the value at your own risk. 2390 is what I determined according to my setup.


OLD > Cell_1: entry point sector 44 [0000002c]
NEW > Cell_1: entry point sector 2390 [00000960]

Translation: The MGM roaring lion is encoded in the initial frames of chapter 1. Estimated new entry point before movie starts.

********OPTIONAL SECTION END**********

15. Save VTS_01_0.IFO
16. Get VTS Sectors
17. Preview/Test
18. Everything OK? Burn movie. I successfully burnt using Imgtool 0.95 with reallocation unchecked.

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