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Welcome and How to post a good question

We want you to have a great experience here on the Doom9 DVD2SVCD forums and would like to offer some advice on how to earn respect from other group members. First one is Experienced people always read the Q&As. Why? Because it saves them valuble time. Experienced people know to ask a question in a forum that is covered in a Q&A brands the poster as a amateur. Once you get that brand hung on you, it is harder to get the answers you need because people will not take you seriously.

Make sure to read below how to post a question.

If you will follow our advice and read this stuff you will show yourself to be somebody who knows what they are doing. You will be respected and you will have set a good example for some of the truly lazy and inconsiderate newbies who could never be bothered to actually read FAQs. Don't hold it against them too much as they are probably just inexperienced kids. Try to set a positive example and have a great time here. Thanks for coming!

BTW, if you see somebody making a post who has obviously not read the Q&A or FAQs don't be mean spirited. Instead, just put a link to this post. I would encourage people to do this INSTEAD of answering as that just encourages poor behavior. After a while newer folks will get the point without the need to flame and no feelings will be hurt.

We would really like this forum to be a gentle one. We were all newbies at one time. However, that being said, there is just too high a volume of posts that are not needed asking the same old questions.

A lot of work went into the FAQs and Q&A by many people who are really trying to help to provide answers to common questions. Let's all work together to make these references better. If you see a Q&A that you think needs to be added just post a reply to the Q&A with your suggestion, or better yet, post a properly formatted Q&A.

How to post a question or How best not to get flamed?

Dear "first time poster"!

A warm welcome to this forum. So at least you managed to find us and you have registered to start your first post burning with desire to get an answer to your biggest problem(s) concerning dvd2svcd. (If you have other problems then consult your doctor, at first.) - Just kidding.

As you can see we are a "happy family" in here so don't be afraid of asking your questions - BUT - make sure you have done all the things a good "first time poster" could do before starting his first post:

- help the moderators and members to not get burned out by answering the same questions a thousand times
- you can find these frequently asked questions in the "DVD2SVCD Official Q&A"
- also, make sure you have read the "DVD2SVCD FAQ" right here in this forum - look for it
- it is always a good idea to first have a look at the "Stickys" - they are there for a special reason
- try to do a little search on your own by using the "search" button of this forum - it won't bite
- and at least read some posts to get an idea on how things work in here

If you were a good "first time poster" and you have done (some of) the above - then you qualify for starting your first post - go for it! - BUT - don't destroy the impression of being a good "first timer" by posting something like: "dvd2svcd does not work - what have I done wrong?" - You know, this is like saying to the doctor: "I feel ill - please help me!"

We will do our very best to try to help you but we can't do that if you don't give some detailed information concerning your problem(s). Otherwise it's like "reading tea leaves" or like "consulting the good old crystal ball". It leads to nothing but a couple of posts like: "What OS are you using?", "How are your system specs?" and so further and so on. This will only fill up the forum with unnecessary posts we all have to read and read and read and ... (to be continued endlessly).

This can be avoided by supplying these informations right with your first post. The most important files and informations to post are the following (try to decide what applies to your problem(s)):

- tell us something about your system (OS, CPU, memory, harddrive, ...)
- let us know something about the DVD you try to convert (PAL/NTSC, aspect ratio, region code, ...)
- paste(do not attach) the "dvd2svcd_log.txt" file to your post because it contains nearly all necessary data to see what went wrong or at least it will give us a hint on how to track down the problem(s).
- also paste the "Avisynth_Script_file.avs" to your post (open with notepad) if something is wrong with the "MPG" files
- If it's an audio problem along with the dvd2svd_log.txt paste the besweet log file.
-If the burned VCD/SVCD will play in your PC, but not in your standalone be sure to make sure your player actually supports them. Check the DVD Player list at www.vcdhelp.com and post your player's make and model number in your thread.
- and finally you may be asked to post your dvd2svcd.ini file (located in the same folder as dvd2svcd.exe), but hold off until it's asked for.

And last but not least, be gentle and you will treated gentle - so you will sure have a nice time with us in here.


the moderators, the frequently posting members
and not to forget all other helpful people out there
Oh no Mr. Bill!

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