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MeGUI Feature Request Thread

This thread is a place for people to request features for MeGUI, and this post will keep track of what has been requested. Together with the MeGUI Bug-Report Thread, this can serve as a TODO list for the developers.

Before posting
Please keep in mind that the developers contribute to MeGUI in their free time, and get no money out of doing so. There must be no expectation that what you request here will ever be implemented in MeGUI -- it is completely up to the discretion of the developers.

If you want to see something in MeGUI, then the easier you make it for the devs, the more likely it is to be implemented. Be descriptive about what you want, and explain why it would be useful.

Remember to check a build from the latest series (currently or later) to see if it is already implemented. Also check the list here to see whether it has already been suggested.

Requested features / todo list from builds or later
Features implemented in the last version have been removed from this list to save space. Always check a build from the newest series (currently or later) before asking for a feature, to see if it has already been implemented.
Orange means it is pending Doom9's approval
Red means it has been rejected
Blue means it has been accepted and no-one is working on it
Green means it has been completed
Allow the sure to set what priority the Source Detector runs in
Description: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.ph...178#post795178
Status: Completed in

Rearrange the long dialogs -- AviSynth creator, Settings
Description: Make them tabbed (preferably with Basic/Advanced, or some other structure) to make them less overwhelming, and also so that they can fit on a lower-resolution screen.
Status: Completed in

Add more input filetypes
Description: Almost all files can be loaded into AviSynth via DirectShowSource. For completeness, it would be useful to allow this in the AviSynth Script Creator
Status: Completed in

Add a 'clear log' functionality
Description: Be able to clear the log.
Status: Completed in

Have a more comprehensive deletion of temporary files
Description: Only some temporary files are deleted (namely, the ones which are listed as output files of linked jobs). Richard Berg posted a list of what's missing here
Status: Completed in 0.2.2125.

Be able to choose the sampling rate for audio
Description: See quake74's post
Status : Nobody is working on it.

Make control over 2pass/1pass with crf x264 more versatile
Description: See http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.ph...210#post795210
Status: Nobody is working on it

Commandline support for MeGUI
Description: See http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.ph...747#post799747
Status: Nobody is working on it

Video cutting in the AviSynth creator for removal of ads, etc
Description: Since video and audio can be done through AviSynth cutting can be completely precise. Use should be done using the trim statement.
Status: No-one is working on this yet.

change audio codec choice back to two and put the encoder choice in the settings instead
Description: N/A
Status : No-one is working on it, on hold until audio has been redone

Mapping of audio streams for *.ts files
Description: In a transport stream, a PID identifies a stream (audio or video), just like you have substream IDs in a VOB. So, if you have your TS, you need to know which PIDs are used for your audio and video in order to select them. It gets even more interesting if you've been recording the data from an entire transponder.. then you have multiple TV channels that you need to differentiate in between.
Status : No-one is working on it.

Resolve clashes between hotkeys
Description: See http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.ph...292#post770292
Status: No-one is working on it.

MeGUI shows BeSweet commandlines when processing an AviSynth audio encode
Description: N/A
Status: Nobody is working on it.

Add support for the -sbr or -sbrx tags in mp4box commandline
Description: Add a checkbox in MeGUI MP4 Muxer which says something like "AAC is SBR", so that the audio information is correctly stored in MP4.
Status : Nobody is working on it (what happened to godhead?)

Fix up cropping in AviSynth Script Creator, and enable ColorMatrix() by default on d2v sources, since it causes no harm
Description: See http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.ph...400#post806400
Status: Nobody is working on it.

Automatic running of atomchanger
Description: See quake74's post
Status : Coming...

Autoonlineupdate for all external Programs like in StaxRip
Description: The above description is pretty obvious. However, this feature requires a webspace containing information about the required versions and links to the download files. I'm not sure if the SourceForge Terms of Service allow this for Project Web (ie I'm not sure if the required webspace can be hosted by SourceForge). A (perhaps) useful link on doing this is here
Status : Mutant_Fruit is working on it

Make more use of "Don't show me this again" in dialogs.
Description: See http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.ph...750#post772750
Status: Easy to do now. Use the DialogManager class, and look at the other examples there.

Replace English language names with native language names
Description: N/A
Status : godhead is working on it

Add support for xvid_encraw
Description: almost complete (the missing parts concern bitrate calculation and container issues)
Status : Doom9 is working on it

Add support for xvid avc
Description: N/A
Status : Doom9 is working on it

Add support for Ogg Vorbis encoding
Description: It's the only good free low bitrate codec at the moment (FAAC isn't tuned and afaik generally worse than Vorbis and the Nero AAC codec isn't free. Itunes AAC codec is for free and quite good imho but not very well supported via cli.). The obvious drawback: You can only sanely use it in mkv.
Status : The audio part is currently frozen pending a redesign/move to AviSynth.

More than two audio/subtitle tracks
Description: See quake74's post
Status : I have to take the 80/20 rule here.. 2 audio and 5 subtitle track should cover most needs. We could eventually talk about the muxer itself, but not the encoding part of the GUI.

Make the Status window a child of the main MeGUI window so there's only one item in the taskbar
Description: N/A
Status : Refused - request doesn't make sense from a design point. If it bothers many people the "show in taskbar" flag can be removed from the window.. there's no reason to introduce a window dependency. And there's always the possibility to hide the progress window, as well as to never have it show up when encoding starts in the first place.

Add integration of DVDDecrypter into MeGUI
Description: See http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.ph...759#post772759
Status: This would not nearly come close to a comprehensive solution (megui supports tons of inputs) and it's better if users learn how to do this on their own. AutoGK is popular without this as well..

Some form of AviSynth script creation for audio, to allow the user control over advanced processing (and trimming)
Description: First we need to find out whether having audio processing in a video script slows down video encoding and vice versa. Then, we could either add audio input to the AviSynth Script Creator, or we could creat a separate script creator for audio. Although the current audio encoding system is able to add some audio processing, such as channel mixing, DRC and delay correction, it doesn't advanced processing, or trimming (which the video Avs creator also doesn't at the moment)
Status: Rejected by Doom9 -- it's less hassle to keep the scripts separated.

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