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Old 10th July 2005, 19:51   #1  |  Link
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An automatic mask maker, for special effects

I have made an avisynth function that allows masks to be automatically generated using a master frame and RGB threshholds.

This allows you to replace your 'blue screen' with any stationary high contract background. It also allows for effects that cannot be done with a bluescreen(see the demo below for a nice color effect).

Here is the function itself:

function diff_mask(clip clip, clip mask, clip master, int r_thresh, int g_thresh, int b_thresh, bool invert)
#  LoadPlugin("C:/DVD Tools/AviSynth 2.5/plugins/MaskTools.dll")

  clip		= clip.ConvertToRGB24()
  master	= master.Loop(FrameCount(clip)).ConvertToRGB24()

  r_bin		= (r_thresh >= 0) ? get_red(clip,master,r_thresh,invert) : BlankClip(clip,length=FrameCount(clip), pixel_type="YV12")
  g_bin		= (g_thresh >= 0) ? get_green(clip,master,g_thresh,invert) : BlankClip(clip,length=FrameCount(clip), pixel_type="YV12")
  b_bin		= (b_thresh >= 0) ? get_blue(clip,master,b_thresh,invert) : BlankClip(clip,length=FrameCount(clip), pixel_type="YV12")
  combined	= r_bin.Logic(g_bin,mode="or").Logic(b_bin,mode="or").Greyscale().ConvertToRGB32.Mask(mask.ConvertToRGB32())
  final		= Layer(Blankclip(clip, pixel_type="RGB32"),combined)
  return final

  function get_red(clip clip, clip master, int r_thresh, bool invert)
    r		= clip.RGBAdjust(1,0,0,1).ConvertToYV12()
    r_mast	= master.RGBAdjust(1,0,0,1).ConvertToYV12()
    r_sub	= YV12Subtract(r, r_mast, tol = 0, widerange = false, y=3, u=3, v=3)
    return	  ((invert) ? (r_sub.Binarize(threshold=r_thresh).Invert()) : (r_sub.Binarize(threshold=r_thresh)))
  function get_green(clip clip, clip master, int g_thresh, bool invert)
    g		= clip.RGBAdjust(0,1,0,1).ConvertToYV12()
    g_mast	= master.RGBAdjust(0,1,0,1).ConvertToYV12()
    g_sub	= YV12Subtract(g, g_mast, tol = 0, widerange = false, y=3, u=3, v=3)
    return	  ((invert) ? (g_sub.Binarize(threshold=g_thresh).Invert()) : (g_sub.Binarize(threshold=g_thresh)))
  function get_blue(clip clip, clip master, int b_thresh, bool invert)
    b		= clip.RGBAdjust(0,0,1,1).ConvertToYV12()
    b_mast	= master.RGBAdjust(0,0,1,1).ConvertToYV12()
    b_sub	= YV12Subtract(b, b_mast, tol = 0, widerange = false, y=3, u=3, v=3)
    return	  ((invert) ? (b_sub.Binarize(threshold=b_thresh).Invert()) : (b_sub.Binarize(threshold=b_thresh)))
Please note this requires MaskTools.dll, here is a link to the version I am using, it may not be the latest version but it is the one that works with this routine: http://adserton.crackerjack.net/~rambler/MaskTools.dll

This routine expects all of the following paramaters:


This is of course the clip you wish to genereate the mask for.


This is a basic static mask to limit the effect to a specific area, unfourtunatly effecting a smaller area will not increase the speed of the function.


This should be a single frame, the routine will compare each frame of the clip to the master frame, then use the RGB thresholds to decide if it is 'different' enought to mask any particular pixel. You should choose a frame that has only the static background in the effected area.


These values decide at what point a pixel is masked, if the number is negetive then that channel will be ignored. You will want to work on one color at a time, keeping the other 2 negative, start with a low number, then a high number, and keep going in between till you get the best results. You want a mask that has as much white as possible, but not showing white in areas that should be black. The masks from R,G, and B are all OR'd together. Remeber to make the numbers positive again once you have all three set. In some cases it may be better to not use one or two of the channels.


This is used to reverse the mask, depending on the situation you will want the to be true or false, usually true

This is a little tricky to grasp so I am including a 10mb demo.

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Old 10th July 2005, 19:55   #2  |  Link
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By the way, if anyone see's any silly mistakes in my code, or perhaps a better way to do it, I welcome any information.

Also, this is slow. If someone with plugin programing knowledge could turn this into a plugin, I would be very gratefull. The math is very simple, subraction.
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Old 10th July 2005, 20:16   #3  |  Link
HDConvertToX author
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nice script !

just a note in your downlodable sample the load plugin is commented out

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Old 10th July 2005, 20:34   #4  |  Link
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I know, I commented it out because I moved it to the defualt plugin folder.
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Old 17th April 2006, 02:54   #5  |  Link
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Hi Community,

Unfortunately the link "http://adserton.crackerjack.net/~ram...ask%20Demo.rar" is dead.

The Script seems to be interesting. Can you explain me the exact purpose?

What is a "master frame"?

What is "clip mask"?

I often had combs working with masks. What is the cause / the purpose of these combs? How can I get rid of them?

Thank you for your efforts.

Best regards,

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