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Old 24th July 2003, 14:17   #1  |  Link
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Need help with XFiles Season 2 Disc 5

Hi all,

today I need your help, in backup my XFiles Season 2 DVD 5.
This DVD has only 1 VTS and 12 PGC. The Disc Structure contains 9 Vob files VTS_01_0 till VTS_01_8.

First I create a image by using DVD Decrypter.
The use IFOEdit to delete the spanish Menus and language.
Create a new Image of the new structure. Checking it in Power DVD
and everything work fine.

So I start DoItFast4You. Following the guide everything was extracted.
But if it came to the audio correcting of PGC10, PGC11 and PGC12 I got an error message that the audio file is corrupted.

So I open IfOEdit again an check PGC10, PGC11 and PGC12.
I saw that PGC10 use VOB-ID 2 and 3.
Into VOB ID 2 there is the normal film and into VOB-ID 3 there is a 'behind the scene' scene.

How can I get the correct audio stuff and how can I get the stuff together in scenarist.

Please help

The VTS_01_0.IFO file can be downloaded at http://www.inside-mp3.de/download/VTS_01_0.IFO
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Old 26th July 2003, 07:21   #2  |  Link
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Try just using your original image of the DVD and uncheck the audio that you don't want in DoItFast4U. Judging by the IFO you should have no problem getting this done with the big 3. It's not like the spanish menu is going to use enough space to make a difference anyway.
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Old 26th July 2003, 11:31   #3  |  Link
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Unfortunately that isn't the result :-(

As you can see in IfoRdit, the PGC10 use the main movie from VOB 2 and insert a 'behind the scene' from VOB 3.

I tryed to extract the hole thing by VOB-ID and looked at it. The extracted fiels are a) the complete movie without the additional scene and the complete ac3 streams!
And as the second I got only the 'behind the scene' material with the AC32 stream.

If I extract the thing by PGC i got the movie including the 'behind the scene' material and the audiostreams!
But you cannot correct the delay of this streams. I don't know why!

If you create a new scenario from script, you get the exactly reconstruction of the dvd, but if you built it and look in your dvd player the audio works till the 'behind the scene' material starts.
At this point you don't hear anything more!

I tryed to use the original (uncorrected) AC3 stream, but the result is the same?!? -> No audio at the beginning of the 'behind the scene'

Is it possible to build the pgc10 (11 and 12 are the same thing) in scenarist manually?
I have the original film (got it from PGC1 VOB2) and the 'behind the scene' material (Extracted manually from VOB3).

I want to reconstruct the PGC10 in scenarist. It must be possible to reuse the movie from pgc1 an insert the 'behind the scene' material at the right position so I don't need the same movie twice.

Please help!

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Old 26th July 2003, 15:53   #4  |  Link
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this sounds like it could be the audio stream has the wrong setting, meaning that an audio stream IS playing, but not the one you need. see the doom9 guide again, and go right to the bottom (links down at the moment), and it will show you had to change the stream setting

worth a try

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Old 27th July 2003, 08:25   #5  |  Link
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happily i got offlin copies of the guides ;-)

so i will try it.

whats about the scenarist part?
How can i solve the problem?

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Old 28th July 2003, 15:55   #6  |  Link
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Probably the audio from the extra is on an other stream ID then of the main movie. Just check this in ifoedit in the PGCity part and for the correct PGC.

What I think:


audio 1/2/3 etc is used

extra pgc
audio 1/2/3 +1 is used.

When you rebuild your structure in scenarist the audio of the extra is probably put on stream ID 1 or dummies are used.

If this is the case compile your project and use ifoupdate as usual. Open your ifo in ifoedit and go to the pgcity part. In the case of dummy audio stremas in scenarist:set all audio stream ids to 0 except the one that contains the audio.
If no dummies are used:copy the value from stream one and copy this to the correct stream id, set stream one to 0.
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Old 28th July 2003, 18:31   #7  |  Link
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I give up!

Thanx for all your help, but unfortunately nothing helps.
Maybe I'm to stupid for that.

I extracted the extras of the pgc and instead of putting the hole film + extra to the pgc's in scenartist i only set it to the extra.

That's ok for me.
Because i got the complete film into pgc1 and the extras to the pgc10,11 and 12.

Once again thanx

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