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Inter NLE File Format / Codec

Apologies if this is a newbie-ish question:

I have been happily using Video Deluxe 2.06 to mix together my video and audio, and pleased with the results. The DVD authoring is not so good, however, so I then import the finished chapters into Studio 8 to author motion menus etc. and burn to disc.

My question is, what codec / format should I render my video clips to import them into Studio 8 ?

My original files were picvideo18/19 analog captures, however I cannot render to another picvideo AVI since Studio seems to have problems with them (seems like it de-interlaces it for the burn, thus a disc with jitter)

If I use huffy AVI files I have to chop the clips up into 2min segments because VD2 has some problem exporting these files over 2G. *sigh*

Someone had suggested I save them as DV AVIs. VD2 saves them as type 1, so I have to convert them to type 2 for S8.

What is the quality difference between huffy and DV AVI ?

Thanks for any help.
... Andy
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For a single-generation render you wouldn't really notice the difference between a (decent) DV-AVI codec and Huffy, particualrly since you are subsequently going to encode to MPEG2 anyway. If you were making multiple-generation renders, then generational losses would become more apparent and you'd see siginificant differences between codecs.

Also, when you mention that you are unable to export files larger than 2Gb, may I just ask you if you are using FAT rather than FAT32?

Also, what operating system do you use? Win98?

Arky ;o)
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Old 11th June 2003, 18:28   #3  |  Link
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I'm using XP w NTFS.

The 2G restriction comes from a bug in VD2: you can render the whole clip using the huffy codec, but if the resulting file size is greater than 2G (I limit I had to figure out through trial and error) then no program can decode the file, including VD2.

You mention "decent" DV AVI codec - are there different ones ? I don't really get the choice when I export to DV AVI. (when i select export to AVI I get to choose from a list of codecs, DV not being one of them)

My process so far is:
VDub capture 640x480 PicVideo Q18 or 19 (4:2:2)
VDub flaXen VHS filter back to PicVideo
import and mix in VD2 -> save as (DV AVI ??)
convert DV AVI from type 1 to type 2
import and author in S8 -> burn.

A few steps, I know. I also guess I will be losing some chrominence giong DV AVI since it is 4:1:1, yes ?

Thanks for the help
... Andy
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Old 14th June 2003, 17:22   #4  |  Link
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Transcoding to DV seems to be much more trouble than it is worth. You shouldn't have to use anything other than the PicVideo MJPEG codec. If your source is VHS than it is probably capturing in an interlaced mode. You might want to try using an AviSynth filter to deinterlace the video and then open up the AVS file with S8 rather than the origional AVI. If it works, it would be the least amount of mess and S8 would get the progressive video that it likes.

You might also want to check the video codec options from VD2. If your editing it has to reincode everything and there may be an option to deinterlace it there. Then you don't even have to mess with AviSynth.
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Old 16th June 2003, 14:22   #5  |  Link
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But if I am going to watch the DVD on my DVD player (to an interlaced TV) then I should leave it interlaced - no ?

Or are you saying that S8 doesn't handle interlaced material well/at all ?

... Andy
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Old 3rd July 2003, 15:25   #6  |  Link
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If you are going to see it on a TV, it's much better to leave it interlaced.

What is the problem your Studio 8 has exactly with the MJPEG files?

If you end with jerky motion, it's possibly a field order problem. Have you tried to change field order in the resulting files?
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