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A better Wine vintage (20030508)

This is an update to a previous post on some the apps I use under the Wine environment. The original post is here.

This post refers to wine release 20030508.

The apps I'm running with this setup are:-

Avisynth/mpeg2dec3 2.51
CCE 2.50
Subrip 1.17
DVD2AVI 1.76-frm
Vstrip(gui) 0.8f
Scenchap 1.22
Scenarist 2.51

Firstly a brief description of how wine was installed.

login as a normal user (not root!) unpack the the source tarball, cd to the wine source directory and run tools/wineinstall

After the configure stage has completed the script asks if it should run the install phase as root, to this I answered yes. The script will then start the compile phase. This takes a while, take a break and grab a coffeee..or beer.. or ..etc etc..

When the compile has finished the script prompts for the root password to complete the install stage.

The script will then ask if this is a wine only install (ie no windows partition present), to this I answered yes, I also accepted the default directory for the fake C: drive.

test your installation by running wine winmine.

All the applications listed above apart from DVD2AVI and Scenarist ran without any modifications to the wine environment, see my original post for details on installation, basically run wine name_of_installer_program.exe. Note, the dll overides mentioned in my original post are no longer required.

EDIT msvcrt.dll is required (Win98 Version) /EDIT

DVD2AVI still requires that DVD2AVI.vfp be manually registered, this needs some clarification, the regfile needs be modified to reflect the user name of the user that will be running wine as shown in bold

reg entry from original post (suitable for the root user) not recommended !

"DVD2AVI"="C:\\Program Files\\dvd2avi\\DVD2AVI.vfp"

reg entry for johndoe

"DVD2AVI"="C:\\Program Files\\dvd2avi\\DVD2AVI.vfp"

Installing Scenarist

Firstly your X display needs be set to a color depth of 24 or better. Secondly, edit the .wine/config file to temporarily change the default windows version to nt40. Note for day to day use I always leave this commented out.

; Windows version to imitate (win95,win98,winme,nt351,nt40,win2k,winxp,win20,win30,win31)
"Windows" = "nt40"

run the installer wine setup.exe. This installer always seems to crash on exit, but by then its done its job, kill any stray wine / wineserver processes that may be running. comment out the windows version setting and add the following to your wine config file.

"Windows" = "nt40"
"riched32" = "native"
"riched20" = "native"

You will need to copy riched32.dll and riched20.dll to the wine windows\system directory. I used versions from a WIN2kPRO (sp3) system.

Issues / problems

The are some issues with the Scenarit property browser window and the layout editor window, both dont redraw correctly when the vertical scroll bars are used. the workaround is simple, for the property browser window drag the main horizontal bar up the screen till the scroll bars are greyed out, change the properties that need changing and then drag the main bar back down. For the Layout editor screen just close the info, data, and property browser windows (buttons on the main tool bar) make the desired settings , click start, then reopen the data, info and property windows if so desired.

Importing data. Since there is no windows explorer in this environment we can no longer use drag n drop to load our assets. When the main data editor window is active, the main toolbar has buttons you can use to browse to your a/v files. use those intead.

Ive tested this setup on two machines now with no major problems so far.

Hope this proves useful to those wine users out there.

Regards Mad.

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