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vcf - avs conversion tool - edit captures in vdub

Dark$oul71 sent me a nice litte tool to convert vcf to avs files.
you can edit your captures in vdub, then open the resulting avs with gknot.

give it a try!

EDIT: follow Dark$oul71s link further down in the thread for download.


from the readme:
VCF2AVS V1.2 by Dark$oul71

Version History:
V1.2 - 1.1.2003
Added denoise function based on Dolemite´s DVX
presets for Convolution3D.

Added support for reading cropping values
from VCF file and coverting those values
to AVS croppig syntax. This way you can easily
crop away damaged parts of the movie and feed
the movie as AVS file to GKnot or any other
encoding app.

Added fade in and out support.
You can specify the amount of frames to fade in
and out.
Default: 50 frames
(for PAL 50 FPS means 2 seconds)

Added crossfade (X-fade) feature for multiple
cutpoints. This is a great feature for commercials.
VCF2AVS adds a fade out to the end of one part and
a fade in to the beginning of the next part.
You can specify the amount of frames to fade in
and out.
Default: 25 frames
(for PAL 25 FPS means 1 seconds)
Note: The value is applied to both fade in
and out. So 25 frames means a 50 frames crossfade

V1.1 - 20.11.2002
Fixed a small bug because I calculated the start
frame in AVISynth wrong.

Thanks to bb for pointing out

What does this tool do ?
It extracts the SelectRange argument from a
VCF file (Virtual Dub Configurationfile) and
converts it to a AVISynth trim command.

So you can easily edit out the commercials
in your captured AVI(s) using Virtual Dub.

Also nulltransform aka cropping is extracted
from VCF file if available.

How to use:
1) Edit/Cut your AVI(s) in VDub
2) Crop unwanted parts of the movie away with nulltransform
3) Save the settings in a VCF file
4) Launch VCF2AVS
5) Open your AVI(s) with the browse button
6) Open your corresponding VCF file
7) Choose your settings (denoise, X-fade, etc)
8) Save the AVS script
9) Open the AVS file with your favourite encoding app.

Now use the AVS script as a base. Add
resize, deinterlace as you like.

VCF2AVS automaticly enables/disables the various checkboxes
and comboboxes. If no crop- or trim-informations are available
then you can´t select the coresponding boxes.)
If the Convolution3D DLL is not found in the VCF2AVS dir then
you can´t select denoising. And so on.....

So if anything is "grayed out", don´t blame me

To those of you who still haven´t understood
what this tool does:

It takes this part of a VCF file

and converts it to this AVS code

For fade in I use the reverse.fadeout2(..).reverse command. This is a
"hack" and not needed with newer versions of AVISynth because there
is a FadeIn command. I´ve kept the reverse-stuff because it´s more
compatible with older version of AVISynth.
Thanks to Michael for pointing out this trick.

Of course this prog comes without warranty.
Use at own risk..etc..bla...bla..bla

Some final notes:
Thanks to TheWef there is a new version of GKnot that supports AVS and AVI
beside the (long supported) DVD2AVI projekt files. By combining Virtual Dub,
VCF2AVS and GKnot you get "the best of both worlds".
You can easily eding and crop inside Virtual Dub (the BEST Video-editing-app
I´ve ever seen). After this use the power of AVISynth and the speed gain
during fast recompress mode. Also without any cropping and triming in mind
VCF2AVS adds more flexibiliy to GKnot. You can open segmented multiple AVIs
and also open BIG AVIs (like 20 GB or more).

<c> by D$ in 2003

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