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DVD-R before & after printed label has been applied.

I seem to experience the strangest problems once I put a CD label on a burned DVD-R. First I thought it was the quality of the DVDs and I tried the FWS and 3rd generation DataSafe. They work fine when burnt with Nero using DVD ROM (UDF/ISO) and they play excellent. Than I run a label sheet through a color printer and place it on the DVD using a device that centers the DVD & the label. When I now play the DVD I get pixelation and sound break-up.

Is it possible that the handling of the DVD is causing this?

Is perhaps the not perfect centering of the label the cause, since the DVD may wobble now?

Printable versions are too expensive at the moment, is there anything that I should be aware of or that I am doing wrong?

How do you label your DVDs?

Thanks for your help,


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I have never used labels on my DVD's, but I have heard reports that putting labels on them can cause the sorts of problem that you are suffering from. I have also read that it is not a good idea to put CD labels onto DVD's as they run at a higher temperature due to the different laser which can cause problems with the labels coming loose.

Now, as I say - I don't use labels myself, but this is what I understand is the case. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
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I've run into the exact same problems with paper labels in the past. I used to test the DVD, it would play perfect. Then after applying a nice paper CD label, the damn thing would work like crap towards the end of the movie! Always!

Found out I had two problems: The brand of generic DVD-R's I was using was bad - switched to PrimeDisc. And the second was that the paper labels were throwing the balance of the DVD off enough to cause problems reading. That one I solved by going with a waffer thin, translucent label from a company called 'data-labels' (if you're smart, you can probably figure out the url

I use the Neato 'Clear CD Labels'. Been through about 200 of them, not one problem!
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Commander XJL
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I also don't put labels on my DVD's simply because of I've never heard of a label that stays on forever, after 6 months or a year or two years they start to bubble or peel then your screwed. I don't feel like having my whole DVD collection ruined some day
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Old 24th July 2002, 09:27   #5  |  Link
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Excellent reasoning there Commander XJL. It just looks so unprofessional espesially since I put 2 or 3 SVCD movies on the same DVD. When switching to FWS media and 3rd generation DVDs as well as burning with Nero DVD ROM (UDF/ISO) it did improve the yield of playable DVDs. The answer of course would be to have printable ones but they are very expensive.

Thanks for your input, I havn't come to a conclusion but be willing to experiment with other labels.

Padre, when using a translucent label can you run it through a Inkjet and have color pictures on them?

Thanks for the help,
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Old 24th July 2002, 09:43   #6  |  Link
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I was hesistant about putting labels on at first. But I changed my mind after my collection grew 50+. Now I'm way over 100, and I haven't experience any problems. I use both apple and verbatim dvd-rs with neato cd labels (plain white).

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Old 25th July 2002, 08:01   #7  |  Link
Commander XJL
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If I knew those Neato labels would still be on 5 or 10 years from now, I would put labels on my DVD's, I just don't want to take the chance, I've seen lots of peoples music cd's that have labels on them, and they never seem to stay on after time. I'll pray for you
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I've used labels before on CD and DVD projects. I've found that, a lot of times, it's the "luck of the draw". Some tend to want to peel off after a number of months and others are fine. I'd say about 90% of them have been ok for me.

That being said, I don't use labels at all anymore. Really, I find it to be just too much of a cost and hassle. I highly reccommend everyone looks for a DVD album to store them in. I found one at the local Micro Center made by Case Logic. It holds a total of 40 DVD's and their inserts. (I need to get more of them too! ) You see the insert but the DVD is not even visible in the protective sleeve. Only seeing it to put it in the player and then back in the case is hardly a big deal. I save the money on the labels, ink, and on the time it would take me to create them.
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