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Old 21st February 2002, 13:31   #1  |  Link
Paul Lush
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Pioneer A03 media lockout petition

If you have a Pioneer A03, you may have noticed that unless you purchase media branded either Pioneer or on a list of Pioneer licensed and/or tested media, your drive will completely prohibit you from writing at 2x, even if the media is perfectly capable of doing so. Even if it isnt and the disk ends up in the rubbish, you still have the right to write it at 2x. Why do you have to pay more for Pioneer listed media? You shouldnt have to, its a obvious breach of anti-competition laws. Please sign the petition linked below. If Pioneer ignore it and dont back down and change the drive so that it performs the way its advertised (oh yeah, Pioneer advertise it as x2 and nowhere in the marketing does it state only with Pioneer listed media) then the list may be used in starting a class action suit against Pioneer.


and the forum is based at


Thanks all!

If you have your say, then large companies may stop ripping you off!!!
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Old 21st February 2002, 15:15   #2  |  Link
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I am using Fuji media at X2 without any problem.

From what I hear the burning program also have things to do with it.
For example it apear as DVDit will burn any Not Pioneer media at X1, but the same media - from mariltime known to be X1 for example - will burn correct at X2 using a diferant burning program.

there was a tread about it two days ago at Sonic forums.
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Old 23rd February 2002, 11:32   #3  |  Link
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I think if you clock it you'll find that although it gives the option of writing at 2X its really 1X.
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Old 27th February 2002, 00:18   #4  |  Link
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just right

I had VOBs InstantCD/DVD testet.
Because it accepts the 2x setting.
And it even tells you that only 28mins are left for the burn. But somehow those 28mins take about 58mins on the clock of my video
So...always have a look at the clock if you think you are burning at 2x speed.

The only media known to me really burning at 2x speed are the org. Pioneers.
but I heard Apples DVD-Rs are re-labeled Pioneers (a bit cheaper) and do work at 2x.

Only "registered medias" to Pioneerīs A03 Firmware are working at 2x speed.
Iīm still searching for a list of those medias

Itīs a shame...I have loads of Princo DVD-Rs here....it always only does the job at 1x.

Iīm still waiting for a cracked firmware enabling any media burning at 2x speed.
Hopefully this day doesn take to long anymore.


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Old 1st March 2002, 02:35   #5  |  Link
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I don't mean to sound ignorant, but this is the same thing that many CDRW mfr's used to do (and most still do). I'm not certain it's an anticompetetive measure as much as it is simply tuning the drive for right strategies of differnt media. They obviously just haven't done this yet in the firmware for this new taiwanese crap that everyone is buying. I have a Yamaha 20X CDRW drive that kicks down to 16x or 12x (and nero tells me this while burning) when using new "unregistered" media. This just simply helps mfrs. lower their tech support and rma costs. In time I'm sure Pioneer will test the media and integrate it into their firmware. I'm 99.9% sure that Pioneer doesn't mfr. their DVD media anyhow, they just license their name for a small fee to the actual mfr. Just my 2 cents...
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Old 2nd March 2002, 10:51   #6  |  Link
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i have just read an interesting thread on the MPUCoder forum
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