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BD+ Blu-ray Titles

This is a list of the released titles on Blu-ray that are protected with BD+ DRM.

In few words, BD+ consists of some code to be run in a secure virtual machine (SVM) present in the Blu-ray player. The code is stored on the blu-ray disc in a folder called BDSVM and is responsible for patching on-the-fly the movie content during playback.

So far only Fox can create BD+ content for the BDSVM. It made sense to make a list with all Fox & MGM titles released since 2-oct-2007, when they started to use it. (BD+ on MGM titles is Fox contribution)

Release Date               Title                     Region A  B  C
2007.oct.02 Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer   +  +
            The Day After Tomorrow                          +  +
2007.oct.09 RoboCop (MGM)                                   +
            From Hell                                       +  -  -
            The Fly                                         -
            Edward Scissorhands                             -
            28 Days Later                                   +
            28 Weeks Later                                  +
2007.oct.23 Mr. Brooks (MGM)                                +
            Home of the Brave                               +
            The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007)                       +  +
2007.nov.13 Prison Break: Season One                        -
2007.nov.20 Rescue Dawn (MGM)                               +
            Die Hard 1-4                                    +  +
            Pathfinder                                      -
2007.dec.04 Mr & Mrs Smith                                  +
            Cast Away                                       +
2007.dec.18 The Simpsons Movie                              +  +
2007.dec.24 Ronin (MGM)                                     +  +
2008.jan.08 Sunshine                                        +  +
            Man on Fire                                     +
2008.feb.05 Wall Street                                     -  -
            Me, Myself & Irene                              -  +
2008.mar.04 Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium                  +
            Ice Age                                         +
2008.mar.11 Independence Day                                +
            I robot                                         +  +  +
            Hitman                                          +  +  +
2008.apr.01 Alvin and the Chipmuncks                        +  +  +
2008.apr.15 Predator                                        -
            Juno                                            +
            Commando                                        -
            Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem                    +  +  +
2008.apr.29 27 Dresses                                      +  +  +
2008.may.13 Mrs. Doubtfire                                  +
            Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World +
            Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid              -
2008.jun.03 The Sand Pebbles                                -
            Patton                                          +
            Meet the Spartans                               +
            The Longest Day                                 +
            A Bridge Too Far (MGM)                          +
            Battle of Britain (MGM)                         +
2008.jun.10 Jumper                                          +  +
2008.jul.01 Point Break                                     +
            Batman: The Movie                               +
2008.jul.15 Shutter                                         +
2008.jul.29 Stargate: Continuum (MGM)                       +
2008.aug.05 Nim's Island                                    +  +  +
2008.aug.12 Prison Break: Season Three                      +
2008.aug.19 Street Kings                                    +
2008.aug.26 What Happens in Vegas                           +
            Dude, Where's My Car? (MGM)                     +
2008.aug.xx Walk the Line                                   na +    (NL)
2008.sep.09 Day Watch                                       +
            Night Watch                                     +
2008.sep.23 Deception                                       +
2008.sep.15 The Devil Wears Prada                           -  +  +
2008.sep.30 Daredevil: Director's Cut                       +
2008.oct.07 Young Frankenstein                              +
            The Omen: The Collection                        
            The Happening                                   +
            Carrie (1976) (MGM)                             +
            The Amityville Horror (1979) (MGM)              -
2008.oct.14 Romancing the Stone                             +
            The Jewel of the Nile                           +
2008.oct.20 Horton Hears A Who!                             +  +  +
2008.oct.21 James Bond: Vol. 1 (Dr. No, Die Another Day,
                                Live and Let Die) (MGM)     +  +
            James Bond: Vol. 2 (For Your Eyes Only,         
              From Russia with Love, Thunderball) (MGM)     +  +
2008.nov.03 Predator 2                                      +  +  + (from 2009.jun.09 in US)
            Shine a Light                                   -  +
2008.nov.04 Planet of the Apes (1968)                       +
            Futurama: Bender's Game                         +
            Escape from the Planet of the Apes              +
            Conquest of the Planet of the Apes              +
            Beneath the Planet of the Apes                  +
            Battle for the Planet of the Apes               +
2008.nov.11 Firefly                                         +
2008.nov.25 Space Chimps                                    +
            Meet Dave                                       +
2008.dec.01 The French Connection                           +  +  +
            French Connection II                            +  +  +
            Transporter 2                                   -  +  +
2008.dec.02 The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)            +  +
            Home Alone                                      +
            Jingle All the Way                              +
            X-Files: Fight the Future                       +  +  +
            X-Files: I Want to Believe                      +  +  +
2008.dec.09 Dodgeball                                       +
            Super Troopers                                  -
2008.dec.16 In the Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale   +
2009.jan.06 Babylon A.D.                                    +  +
2009.jan.13 Drumline
            Mirrors                                         +
            Stargate: The Ark of Truth (MGM)
2009.jan.20 Antwone Fisher                                  +
            Igor (MGM)                                      +
            Max Payne                                       +
            Unfaithful                                      +
2009.jan.27 The Pink Panther (1963)
            The Rocker                                      +
2009.feb.03 Little Miss Sunshine                            -
            Napoleon Dynamite                               -
            Office Space                                    +
            Secret Life of Bees                             +
            Sideways                                        +
2009.feb.10 Boondock Saints                                 +
            Donnie Darko                                    -
            Raging Bull (MGM)                               +
2009.feb.17 The Passion of the Christ (Definitive Edition)  -
2009.feb.24 Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder            +
            Vanishing Point                                 +
2009.mar.03 Australia                                       +
            The Silence of the Lambs (MGM)                  +
2009.mar.17 The Princess Bride (MGM)                        +
            The Robe (1953)                                 +
2009.mar.24 James Bond: Vol. 3 (Goldfinger, Moonraker,      
                            The World is Not Enough) (MGM)  +
            Never Say Never Again
            Quantum of Solace (MGM)                         +  +  +
2009.mar.31 Marley & Me                                     +
            Slumdog Millionaire                             +  -
            South Pacific (1958)                            +
2009.apr.07 The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)            +  +
2009.apr.21 Notorious (2009)                                +
            The Wrestler                                    +
            X-Men Trilogy (X-Men, X2, X-Men: TLS)           +
2009.apr.28 Bride Wars                                      +
            S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale                   +
2009.may.05 Big                                             +
            There's Something About Mary                    +  +  +
2009.may.12 Fargo                                           -
            Force 10 from Navarone (MGM)                    
            The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (MGM)            +  +  +
            Licence to Kill (MGM)                           +
            The Man with the Golden Gun (MGM)               +
            Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy   -
            Taken                                           +  +  +
            The Terminator (Lenticular) (MGM)
2009.may.19 24: Season 7                                    +
            Dr. Doolittle: Million Dollar Mutts
            Driven to Kill
            Lions for Lambs (MGM)
            Valkyrie (MGM)                                  +  +  +
2009.jun.xx History Of The World Part 1                     na +  +
2009.jun.02 Dark Blue (MGM)
            The Graduate (MGM)
            Navy Seals (MGM)
            Road House (MGM)
            Rollerball (2002) (MGM)
            To Live and Die in L.A. (MGM)
            Walking Tall (2004) (MGM)
2009.jun.05 Home (2009)
2009.jun.09 The Siege                                       +  +  +
2009.jun.16 Burn Notice: Season Two                         +
            The Diary of Anne Frank (1959)                  +
            Garfield's Pet Force
            Spaceballs (MGM)                                +
2009.jun.23 The Pink Panther 2 (MGM)
2009.jun.30 12 Rounds                                       +
            Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li           +
2009.jul.14 This is Spinal Tap (MGM)
            The Towering Inferno
2009.jul.21 Prison Break: The Final Break
2009.jul.28 Dollhouse: Season One
            Dragonball: Evolution: Z Edition
            Miss March
2009.aug.04 Big Trouble in Little China                        +  +
            My Cousin Vinny
            Stargate Atlantis: Fans' Choice (MGM)
2009.aug.18 Sons of Anarchy: Season One
2009.aug.25 Lie to Me: Season One                           +
2009.sep.01 The Girl Next Door: Unrated
            High Crimes
            M*A*S*H                                         +  +  +
2009.sep.15 Child's Play (MGM)
            The Hannibal Lecter Collection (MGM)
            Misery (MGM)
            My Name Is Earl: Season Four
            Wrong Turn
            Wrong Turn 2: Dead End
            X-Men Origins: Wolverine                        +  +  +
2009.sep.29 How I Met Your Mother: Season Four
            The Unit: Season 4
2009.oct.06 Bones: Season 4
            Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
            Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
            Miracle on 34th Street (1994)
            My Life In Ruins
2009.oct.20 Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead
2009.oct.27 Ice Age III: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

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+ means that it is a BD+ title
- that it is not; at least not in that region
na means that the Title is not available in that region
The "official" method to tell if a Blu-ray title is BD+ protected is to check if the disc has a directory called BDSVM in the root.

So please help maintain this list by checking your Fox/MGM titles and posting if they are or not BD+ (include region/country of the disc).


Edit: if anyone can make this sticky, it would be much appreciated

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Edit: if anyone can make this sticky, it would be much appreciated
Sorry, I don't think this should be made a sticky. People who want to keep this thread handy can subscribe to it.


Only use genuine Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media.

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"Die Another Day" seems to be missing. Why have you started making those lists at the same time we started working on BD+? And why don't you update them anymore now?
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@Oopho2ei, I think you are mistaken, the 1st post is updated not that long ago:
Last edited by derbeDeus; 12th October 2008 at 01:23. Reason: added F4:ROSS, Sunshine, Jumper Region B
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Oh, I meant to do this before but I was lazy. When I saw you working on BD+ I thought that there is enough interest to keep & maintain such a list.
Nobody bothered even to send me info about their discs. As you can see, region A is well covered (thanks to slysoft forums and the link below)
Anyway, given the lack of interest from other ppl and because more and more titles (maybe soon all?) from both Fox and MGM are having BD+ I didn't bother to update it.
But most of all, it was this: http://www.cinemasquid.com/

I wonder how many will submit info from now on :-?
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Actually, not all movies released by Fox since they restarted releasing Blu-ray discs are BD+ protected. I've been going through my collection and at least Predator and Wall Street do not use BD+.
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Originally Posted by yippiekayee View Post
Actually, not all movies released by Fox since they restarted releasing Blu-ray discs are BD+ protected. I've been going through my collection and at least Predator and Wall Street do not use BD+.
...that's why in the list above, they have a '-' sign
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bd+, bdp, bdplus, blu-ray, list

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