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Or, you could:

Load the file into VirtualDub, VirtualDubMod, or NanDub.
Set BOTH "Video"(VirtualDub, VirtualDubMod and NanDub) and "Audio"
(VirtualDub and NanDub - VirtualDubMOD>"Streams>"Stream list") to "Direct Stream Copy".

A) If the difference between audio and video is constant throughout the


From the "Audio" dropdown menu, select "Interleaving" (For

VirtualDubMOD, rightclick on the listed audiostream and then select

Under "Audio skew correction", set an appropriate number of

milliseconds (positive or negative) in the box labelled "Delay audio track

Save with a new filename

B) If the difference increases as the movie plays:

From under the "Video" dropdown menu, select "Framerate" - and

select "Change so video and audio durations match"
Save with a new filename

Let us know of your success ;>}
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