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MPDN deep color output modes Direct3D 10.1 and Direct3D 9Ex

MPDN now supports 10-bit and 16-bit output modes in Direct3D 10 and 11. In Direct3D 9Ex mode, selecting 10-bit and 16-bit output modes will cause MPDN to attempt to use the respective modes but fallback when it's not supported (i.e. if 16-bit mode is unsupported, use 10-bit. If 10-bit isn't supported, fallback to 8-bit).

You will find this feature particularly useful especially if you have 10-bit sources and/or if you use 3DLUTs as you can now faithfully reproduce the picture as intended.

One thing to note though, displays / links that don't support deep color (i.e. pre-HDMI 1.3 and DVI) will produce horrible banding effects unless 8-bit output is selected. Analog output is perfectly happy with the deep color output though.

A final word of warning: 16-bit output mode is quite buggy across different cards (even with the same version of driver). In my testing with 3 different generations of NVIDIA cards on Win8.1 and Win7, I found only one instance where the backcolor was cleared to white instead of black (with 9600GTX on Win8.1). AMD cards displays with incorrect gamma while in 16-bit mode (MPDN has a workaround for this and AMD cards now displays correctly). Intel GPUs are even more of a mixed bag - on P4600 Win7, I get completely wrong colours while displaying through DVI.

I'm very interested to find out what other bugs you guys encounter.

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