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Originally Posted by QBhd View Post
Well that did the trick! Thanks. I have done other tests that suggested it was not 4:4:4, but this test is very conclusive! The right side of the image is clearly darker, no if's and's or but's! Now I know 100% for sure, even though I was 99% sure before
I'm not sure if that was a typo, but if the right side is darker, then it's 4:2:2

Here's a couple of quick photos from my Sony TV for reference. (note: the camera colors are wrong, the pattern appears darker on my screen than it looks here)

PC/Game mode. (4:4:4)

And Cinema mode. (4:2:2)

I threw the lens out of focus so you're only looking at the color and not the pixels.
When you are looking at the pattern normally, there is a slight difference between both halves in PC/Game mode (4:4:4) but that is to be expected.
The difference with 4:2:2 chroma should be an obvious one, as the photos illustrate.

Originally Posted by QBhd View Post
The only other question I have about the test is... does the rectangular pixels affect the result?
It shouldn't make a difference. Chroma resolution is related to image processing, not the pixel structure.

Originally Posted by Moragg View Post
Okay, setting CPU queue to 128 helped - at one point the queue fell to 40/128
All the points were playback would "hang" had this problem (though none that badly).
Are you using software decoding, or hardware decoding? If you're using hardware decoding, what are you using?

Is deinterlacing active?
Are these 10-bit files? (requires software decoding, and some systems have difficulty with them apparently)

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