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Originally Posted by QBhd View Post
And what about downscaling almost everything to 1024x768?
It probably doesn't make much difference when downscaling. It certainly won't hurt image quality to use Jinc 3 AR when it's not necessary - only performance.

Originally Posted by QBhd View Post
BTW, I am fairly certain that the plasma is only outputting 4:2:2, but it's so damned hard to tell.

On a display which supports full chroma resolution, both halves of this image should be roughly the same magenta color.

On a display which only supports 4:2:2, the right half of the image will be a much darker color. The difference should be obvious, not subtle.

This pattern will only work when it is shown at 100% size on a 1:1 mapped display. Click the image for a full 1920x1080 pattern.

EDIT: If you have a Pioneer Kuro, they appear to use 4:2:0 subsampling, rather than 4:2:2, in which case both sides of the pattern will also appear to be the same. I don't know of any other displays which use 4:2:0

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