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madVR - high quality video renderer (GPU assisted)

madVR v0.92.17

* modified/simplified HDR tone mapping settings page
* small HDR tone mapping saturation improvement
* OSD now also shows the measured luminance of the current frame (in addition to the average)
* fixed: render & present queues didn't always fill in Windows 10 build 1803
* fixed: using XySubFilter sometimes resulted in black screen / freeze
* fixed: using HDR "processing" resulted in dark and red-ish image
* fixed: using BT.601/709 gamma curve with HDR tone mapping produced gray-ish image
* fixed: settings dialog sometimes crashed on display mode / custom mode tab
madVR v0.92.15

* HDR: improved overall tone mapping quality
* HDR: added "color tweaks for fire & explosions" option
* HDR: "restore details in compressed highlights" renamed to "highlight recovery"
* HDR: improved "highlight recovery" algo, now uses/requires DirectCompute
* HDR: added trade quality option "compromise on tone & gamut mapping accuracy"
* HDR: maxCLL is now used (if valid)
* HDR: added "hdrVideoPeak" profile variable
* HDR: added (limited) support for HDR OSD bitmaps
* added "report BT.2020 to display" calibration option
* added true GPU mode info (color format, bitdepth & dynamic range) to OSD (Nvidia only)
* fixed: low latency mode could result in judder/stuttering
* fixed: OSD API sometimes drew stuff in the wrong position
* fixed: madHcNet32/64.dll produced DCI-P3 3DLUTs with incorrect header
* added undocumented "ShowHdrMode" empty file/folder option
madVR v0.92.13

* added 2 new RCA quality levels, with NGU fusion support
* if "activate RCA only if it comes for free" is active, NGU quality level isn't modified, anymore
* improved "preserve hue" tone mapping quality
* added "dynamic" mode for "luminance vs saturation reduction" option
* added "dumb" tone mapping algo, optionally with color correction
* added support for Arve custom tone mapping curves
* added "hdrOutput" information field
madVR v0.92.5

* added new algorithm "reduce compression artifacts"
* added new algorithm "reduce random noise"
* added file name tag and keyboard shortcut support for new algorithms
* switched to igv's AdaptiveSharpen variant
* custom mode optimization is now available for modes not created with madVR
* fixed: mode optimization didn't work for Nvidia (introduced in v0.92.4)
* fixed: ProgDVB: DXVA deinterlacing didn't activate after channel switch
* fixed: potential freeze when freeing madVR instance
* fixed: playback trouble after switching video files (introduced in v0.92)
* fixed: screenshot memory leak
madVR v0.92.0

* added new "display modes" -> "custom modes" settings tab
* added support for native D3D11 DXVA hardware decoding (needs nightly LAV)
* added support for outputting 10bit in fullscreen windowed mode (win10)
* added optimized "let madVR decide" HDR configuration option
* added support for AMD's private HDR switching API
* added workaround for make Nvidia's private HDR switching API work better
* added full-size EDID block reading (256 bytes instead of just 128)
* added extended EDID parsing
* improved frame drop/repeat estimates for xx/1.001 hz modes
* fixed: deinterlacing of P010 software decoded videos was broken
download links:

You can download old madVR versions here. The "madTestPatternSource" filter (madVR test patterns) is available here.

The XySubFilter subtitle renderer, using the "new subtitle interface", is available here.

If you want to test whether your display supports RGB in 4:2:0, 4:2:2 or 4:4:4, you can use this test image. Make sure you display it with 1:1 pixel mapping, otherwise it won't work.

3rd party tools (for HDR):

1) "madMeasureHDR Optimizer" created by Anna & Flo:

2) "Simple Analyzer for madMeasureHDR" created by pandm1967 (use download link in pandm1967's signature):

3) "Simple AutoMeasure Tools for UHD clones" created by pandm1967 (use download link in pandm1967's signature):


- high quality chroma upsampling
- high quality scaling (bicubic, mitchell, lanczos, spline etc)
- high quality YCbCr -> RGB conversion
- gamut & gamma correction for display calibration
- full 16bit processing queue
- final 16bit processing result is dithered down to RGB output bitdepth
- bypasses graphics card's video (damage) algorithms
- all work is done via GPU shaders (except madVR's IVTC atm)
- no shortcuts, highest quality has priority over anything else


- graphics card with full D3D9 / PS3.0 hardware support
- at least 128MB of dedicated graphics card memory
- Windows XP or newer

known problems / limitations:

None known.

bug tracker:

firewall complaints:

madVR tries to automatically find other PCs in your local network which are also running madVR. If any such PCs are found, you can remotely switch audio and subtitle tracks, jump to specific chapters, etc etc. For this network functionality to work, madVR tries to access the local network, obviously. So if your firewall complains, you know why. If you don't ever plan to use madVR's network functionality, you can safely tell your firewall to block any and all madVR network accesses. Please rest assured, though, that madVR does not upload your private data to a server or anything of that sort. So allowing madVR to access the LAN should not result in any privacy or security problems.

custom mode tutorial:

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