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New (beta) release of HC022.
This release (HC022.1) fixes most of the reported bugs and has some new features.

Bug fixes:
- CQ as parameter input fixed
- possible VBV underflow errors fixed
- reported time using suspend/resume fixed
- error in framelog file fixed

New stuff:
- lossless intermediate file for 2 pass encodes
- VBV progress bar changed, now shows the buffer fullness
- added return code, returns 0 on normal exit, 1 on error
- small bitrate control tweaks
- XML format chapter input
- added -2pass, -frames all, -noini and -lossless as parameter for CLI input
- user data skipped for HD encodes
- some optimizations for SSSE3, reducing the number of non-aligned memory reads

This one is released as a beta first because of a *lot* of internal changes.
It does OK running my usual tests, but some extra testing won't hurt so please do...

Can be downloaded here: (link updated)
HCenc at:

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