View Full Version : Hauppauge Win TV PVRUSB 2 and Ulead Movie Factroy 3 Problem, please help!!

1st September 2005, 19:06
I have purchased the above Hauppauge unit after doing a lot of reading and checking forums.
I have been able to get my vhs onto the HDD and then when I go to use the proggy Ulead DVD Movie Factory 3 to do the following:
I get the error "The Disc is not empty, or there is not disc in the drive, insert a Blank Disc.

I have a BenQ 162I external burner that I have followed the support in Irvine California, use their recommened brand dvd R+ media and am uptodate on the firmware.
Have burner 60 backups and no coasters. The burner is great.

Now I purchase this Hauppage unit and I have problems.
The steps I follow are: (and this is what their support that is in New York recommended to me) 631-434-3197.
I have spent considerable $, just trying to burn a DVD and it is driving me crazy.
This is what i was advised to do:

Open Ulead Movie Factory 3
1. Create New Video
2. Box beside " New Project "has blue circle in it
3. Box beside "Output" has blue cirlcle in "DVD"
4.The next step is I click on the Icon for Add Media which has add video files.
5. The next step open Video File, i click on My Videos and it shows the name of the file that i have sent from my VCR to my "C" HDD
6. then i click on next, next, next
7. then finally output
And then I get the error message.
"The disc is not empty, or there is no disc, insert a Blank disc.

i have tried several discs, all that BenQ support recommends, Sony, TDK, Maxell, Imation all R+ and my burner is 162I external 16X and is about 5 months old.
I even burned a regular backup last night with no problems.
i can't understand what is going on here.

My notebook is a Toshiba 1.9 ghz, 512 RAM, Intel Pent 4, 2.0 USB

Please I need help, Thankyou.

All of this I have discussed with the Hauppauge customer support and they don't have any ideas except whether my burner is compatible or not? and they had no idea where i might find that out.

I Urgently need help as i only have a few more days before i can return the product.
HELP!!!!! Thankyou

1st September 2005, 21:11
You say you burnt 60 backups so far with this burner? Did you use Ulead Movie factory to burn them? Have you ever successfully burned anything from Movie factory?

1st September 2005, 21:38
No, I have always used DVD Shrink or Clone DVD with Any DVD and had no problems whatsoever.
Uptodate firmware with BenQ 162I and as well I use their recommended media.

This is the first time that I have used the Ulead DVD Movie Factory and their tech said that it is enclosed with the unit as the format is mpeg.
Being a Noob at burning I don't understand all of that.

I know that Nero has ifo, vob, bup to the vts file.

One thing that the proggy does is "formats" my DVD disc that is in my burner just before I click on the Output button which is the last step to start the program working and it is after i click on Output that I get the message about the "disc is not empty or there is no disc in the the drive and to insert a disc"?????
I don't get it.

I am not familiar with MPEG's and am copying my vhs to the hard drive which seems to be fine.
Just this mega glitch now!!!

Thankyou and I look forward to comments.

1st September 2005, 23:00
I recommend you try something different, like Nero or TEMPGenc DVDAuthor. Download a trial of something and see if you have the same problem. I have burnt very few coasters doing DVDs in the 2 1/2 - 3 years I've been doing it but certain programs will not burn right for me either. NTI DriveBackup gives me that error using certain media but other programs burn fine using same drive & media.

2nd September 2005, 11:21
Thx for the replies. I am too much of a Noob to burning. I use consistently the same programs and media and no problems.
However, I should say that I have Nero as it came with my BenQ 162I when I bought it about 5 months ago after doing a lot of researching and reading mags and asking questions on forums.

So I do have Nero, however anything that I have ever done with it has been vobs.ifo and vts.

How do I get it to capture mpegs like the Ulead DVD Movie Factory?

I should say that I figured out my problem without the help of the Hauppauge support people.
In looking at the last page when I am looking before selecting "Output" there is am "Options" and so I went digging around there and found that it showed that I had 2 burners, my cd/dvd rom "d" drive burner and my external "Benq" dvd burner drive "f" and so the reason I was getting refuse the opportunity to actually do a capture was because my internal "d" drive I imagine was the default and no message was given to me that I was getting rejected to capture and create video because I wanted to use my external drive even though at the beginning I indicated that was what I wanted to do.

Please if you know how I can do this with Nero, I would much prefer to go this route.
Even the support team for Hauppauge said that they had done this, however they did not know how I captured an MPEG with that proggy.
If you know how to do that I would greatfully appreciate your advice on how to set my options , settings etc.
I did browse the proggy and found that it did have the same feature of create video, however I am such a Noob I did not know how to get to MPEG.
All I know is vts.
I look forward to comments. Thankyou for your interest.
In the end I did get my Vhs video captured with Hauppauge and actually was very impressed with the results.

The only other issue if I continue to use that proggy is that I don't know how to create the Menu, which in this case was to indicate that it was "Fats Domino Live 1977".
There is a place for me to enter the info, however when I tried to do that there was no ability for the proggy to absorb the info.
If you know what I am doing wrong I would appreciate comments.
Thanks very much again and cheers!!!!!

2nd September 2005, 21:52
NeroVision can be used to Capture videos. However, I do not believe that the PVR-USB2 devices are compatible with Nero. My internal PVR-250s, ATI All-In-Wonder and PVR-500 shows up as available capture devices but my PVR-USB2s do not.
5. The next step open Video File, i click on My Videos and it shows the name of the file that i have sent from my VCR to my "C" HDD
Given your statement in the initial post I thought you already captured your video using WinTV or something else and just wanted to burn it. That is why I recommended Nero.

4th September 2005, 23:01
Thx for the replies. The sales rep said that i could burn in Nero. And as well so did the support for Hauppauge in New York, however of course they don't support the software and thus don't comment.

I use the Hauppauge unit to get the vhs tape to my HD and then have used the software Ulead Movie Factory 3 to get the MPEG files that are in my Video Files folder to my DVD by using the software enclosed with the Hauppauge which is the one I listed previously.
i use the process Create a Video and I had a bit of a glitch in my first attempt with the proggy, as it kept telling me to insert a disk as mine was either full or there was no disk present.
It turned out after I kept persisting with the proggy that there is an "option" that I can select before I start and that is Options.
In there is the choice of which burner you will use and it was set with my default burner which was the Internal one with my Toshiba and that is why i got the error message as I was using my External BenQ 162I and that is why i got the error message.
Anyway I successsfully burned the video files with the Ulead proggy, however I could not figure out how to list the title of the video before I did the Burn.
The quality was excellent!!!

Now what I would like to know is how to use Nero Express OEM that came with my BenQ burner which is about 5 months old the version is 6.3.I.23
I opened Nero Express and then DVD Express which said" You can use the DVD Video program to create DVD-Video playable on consumer DVD players. To do so add you existing video files to Video_TS folder, click Next and then Add and click on my C Drive to My Videos which gives me 2 choices either, DVD-Video file types (bup,vob,ifo) or All Files???

The sales Rep told me that when he used Nero to burn many months ago that he had to import the files.
Since I am a Noob, I don't understand all of this and would really appreciate comments from experienced members.
I don't even know if i am in the correct area.
I simply want to try out Nero in this process and see how it operates.
The quality of my dvd from the Ulead Movie Factory 3 was excellent, however I just want to try alternatives.
I hope to get comments from experienced members.

I don't know how to get an MPEG to burn to a DVD, and what I have to do to Nero Express to accomplish this.
Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanking you in advance.

5th September 2005, 04:59
Can the member that suggested that I try Nero please advise of the steps as I said I am a Noob and don't understand how to get MPEG's to burn to DVD.

I really would appreciate the comments as i would like to compare Ulead Movie Maker 3 to Nero if it can change MPEG's to be able to burn to DVD as the sales rep said it could.


5th September 2005, 10:21
Please I am desperate to try another burning proggy, Just ot compare the end product and to check out the time useage,
Ilt of the lt know that there must be members out there that have use both Nero and Movie Maker Factory 3 to produce the end resuly am t of the dvd.

I simply would like to know which gives me repeated best quality and used friendliness to end up with the best vhs tape on dvd.
I am not looking for the audiophile quality that I have to spend hours capturing,, just a dcent proggy and one that resembles the source vhs tape the best,
I really want to compare Nero to the Ulead Movie Maker 3 that comes with the Haupauppage PVR USB 2 .
I really would appreciate any and all comments.

5th September 2005, 21:56
I'd suggest making sure you have latest software (& manuals if necessary) here: http://www.hauppauge.com/pages/support/support_pvrusb2.html#apps

From a quick look, the device can capture to mpg2, and comes with an editor to do simple cuts etc., so you ideally wind up with DVD compliant mpg2 (instructions on using that editor are at above link).

If you use NeroVision, there's really very little to do next... Just follow the directions, hit next when you complete each step. It'll lead you right up to the point where you burn your DVD.

5th September 2005, 22:57
If you already have the video file on the hard drive then opem NeroVision.
click Make a DVD
DVD Video
on the right click Add Video File
the rest is somewhat simple, just follow the directions.

I would recommend TEMPGenc DVDAuthor over Nero though as it allows cutting and trimming without re-rendering.

5th September 2005, 23:01
I would recommend TEMPGenc DVDAuthor over Nero though as it allows cutting and trimming without re-rendering.
That's what that Hauppauge editor is supposed to do also, though no question TMPGEnc is better. :)

10th September 2005, 20:39
Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in response I have had an immediate family member that was in New Orleans on a business trip from here in Canada. It took me awhile to locate him and thus I have been remiss in my responses to this forum.

I must say I don't believe that I will really continue to look for the Nero Express Vision as the Ulead Movie Factory 3 does an amazing job. Once I got the hang of it. I have converted 6 vhs tapes to dvd, all were around 60 minutes and the Quality was exceptional.
I simply fiddled around with the program until i got it to work.
I burned in DVD ROM so my back ups work on all 5 of the family standalone burners.
I am ecstatic to say the least. I am so glad I came to this forum. My neighbour is still bemoaning his purchase of Pinnacle that he is having mega issues with.

The only thing I can't figure out with Ulead is how do I put the Title in at the beginning????
Even though I choose what I would like to have at the beginning and my cursor is positioned for typing in the title it won't???

Any ideas??

And last of all, how does this program deal with long vhs tapes? Should I be using the more expensive long DVD's to burn to????
And I am a little unclear about the amount of data that these longer DVD's accomodate?
i am looking at backing up my Tina Turner in Rio and it is 186 minutes long and so I thought that my BenQ 162I (16X) Dual layer should be able to handle this with the longer DVD's however I thought that I should ask the experts!!!
Thanking you in advance, respectful regards!!!

I certainly can't say enough positive things about Hauppauge PVR USB2, it is a great product and not really that complicated, I guess I simply had the Newbie jitters! LOL :o

10th September 2005, 20:47
... how does this program deal with long vhs tapes? Should I be using the more expensive long DVD's to burn to????
The DVD spec allows for a bit of leeway in how much the video's compressed. With more compression a longer video can be made into a small enough file to fit on a single layer DVD, but you lose quality, the more compression you add. Anything too much over the two hour mark will usually benefit from burning to a D/L DVD.

23rd September 2005, 16:20
I have the Nero Vision Express that came as an OEM with my BenQ burner and I wondered if that proggy would be capable of doing D/L's on my BenQ 162I External Burner (16X) Dual Layer???
I want to try a dual layer but don't want to waste one if this Nero proggy is not capable of doing the task of a 180 minute length tape.

I look forward to comments, thankyou.