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30th August 2005, 03:59

I've DVDDecrypter the DVD songs to .m2v and VOB(vocal and music audio tracks), I try to reduce the .m2v to a smaller size by using TMPGEnc MPEG Editor to decrease the video quality, I found something interesting that a 5 min .m2v in real player became 31 min in TMPGEnc MPEG Editor, and when I finished the video quality decreasing, the .m2v file size became larger that it was. Can any one show me how to reduce the .m2v file size correctly, and can combine the new .m2v and audio .vob back to the complete song (vob or mpg) with reduced video quality, thanks for the help

30th August 2005, 05:33
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Is there a reason why you had to demux instead of ripping your whole DVD in File Mode?

30th August 2005, 10:26
Hi 2COOL, thanks for the reply.

why I had to demux instead of ripping the whole DVD in File Mode, is just because I'm try to collect my favorite songs from different Kararoke DVD. Then I can write a AP to play these songs just like a KTV system and without change the DVDs. The porblem is that I feel the video file is too large and may waste too much HD space, the audio is the key in my needs.


30th August 2005, 18:31
Perhaps the easiest way to reduce video file size would be using DVD Shrink or Nero Recode. They will make the video file smaller in size, and you can isolate titles if you wish, but you'll create another dvd layout so still have to demux.

To reduce further in size can also search the forum sections here on various tools to create a smaller frame size video &/or use a more efficient method of compression, like divx, real, xvid, winmedia.