View Full Version : Put orginal menu to DVD?

30th July 2005, 23:54
Hi guys!

I have one little question. I have maked movie (CCE) and i'm trying to put orginal menu there but i don't know how. Please help me guys, i use Google and others and i can't find normal guide. Please help me, this is very important.

If someone write same post please put there link. Sorry for problems


1st August 2005, 03:22
What you mean by "original" menu? If you already have an authored disk and just want to replace main movie with edited try DvdReMake Pro. You can also add already authored menus to your DVD with movie using this program - but it is more involved and requires some knowledge on how DVD navigation works.

1st August 2005, 17:09
Simple. I have authored movie using CCE - Back to The Future, now i want put menu there and i don't know how :(