View Full Version : Strange AC3, I think

23rd July 2005, 03:24
I'm not sure where to post this because I don't understand the problem.

I'm have a tad of trouble doing a backup of Inuyasha: Affections Across Time.

I've tried ripping with versions 1.30 and 1.41_b3 of DGMPGDec. The video is fine; the ac3 is the the problem. It is 2/0, 224Kbs.

The DVD plays fine on my computer and on a standalone player. The ripped ac3 sounds fine when played, but there seems to be a problem with it: instead of being about 176MB (that is the size after ac3 > wav > ac3), it's about 288MB. When opened in MPC, it shows as 2hrs,55min. The length of the movie is 1hr,44min.

SoftEncode accepts the ac3, shows the correct duration, and will decode it to wav. It gives no particular info that I can relate to the "excessive" size of the ac3.

If I play the cleaned m2v with the ripped ac3 in MPC or BSPlayer, the video is out of sync (video plays to fast).

If I play a VOB in MPC, same problem.

AC3Fix declares a problem and "fixes" it, but the result is unintelligible audio.

Anyone have an idea about this?