View Full Version : AVI2DVD help. Can I get AC3 audio instead of MP2?

17th July 2005, 06:15

I am trying to convert DV video to DVD using DVD2SVCD. D2S is converting the WAV to MP2 instead of AC3. Is it possible to convert to AC3 and use that instead of MP2.

I am using Premier Pro with DebugMode frameserving.

Any help will be appreciated.

-Amit Chugh

17th July 2005, 09:13

with BeSweet and ec3enc.dll
"BeSweet -core( -input "sound.wav" -output "besweet_sound256.ac3" ) -ac3encode( -b 256 )"

or with "vobinput.dll"
"BeSweet -core( -input "film.avi" -output "besweet_sound256.ac3" ) -ac3encode( -b 256 )"

(With "ac3enc.dll" coded AC3-Streams do not seem to be compatible to the official DVD standard)

or try "TMPGEnc Sound Plug-in AC-3"

Google "AC3 encoder"

17th July 2005, 12:04
There is no way to get DVD2SVCD to output AC3 unless the input is AC3.
I would open your AVI in VDubMod and set Direct Stream Copy in the Video menu. In the streams menu go into the streams list and demux the WAV audio. Convert this manually to AC3 as per MrX's instructions. Remux to the AVI, disabling the original audio stream, then resave the AVI.

Now convert in DVD2SVCD with "Do not convert audio" checked in the Audio Tab.

11th October 2005, 08:20
Another option is to get a freeware ffmpeggui which converts either wav or mp2 to ac3. I just read this in one of Chickenman's guide

12th October 2005, 06:41
i have one tool to the job. you only need to unzip the file and change the besweet.exe in d2s audio tab and select the tool that use headac3he.is for ac3-2ch only and you have to download headac3he 024a13(i still don't tested 025a3 version) with ac3-2ch option from doom9's german forum.

send me a pm with your mail for the tool.