View Full Version : Is it Possible to Output Raw Video?

15th July 2005, 16:49
Is it possible to somehow use VirtualDub (latest) to output raw video, i.e. .xvid, .divx, .h264, etc.? No container?

I would like to skip the AVI file format post-encode if at all possible. I can do this with Graphedit, but I've only figured out how to output to a matroska file. While for XviD and DivX that isn't a problem, it may be a problem for AVC/H.264; I'm not sure if the MKV container can handle all of AVC/H.264's features. (In fact, I'm not even wholly sure it can support all of the other MPEG-4-based codecs' features, but I'm pretty sure it does.)

Editing the actual video and audio streams of an output file is something I do quite rarely, so that's not a problem. Of course, I could edit MKV files if VirtualDubMod didn't output cout-of-date matroska files...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Robert Aronson (KalorX)