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19th November 2001, 01:12

I have a dvd with subtitles already included, however, they were pooly done and many words are spelled incorrectly. I know I can use subrip to extract the subtitles, and use an editor to edit them, but how would I then re-encode them into my video. I don't want to have seperate subtitles that I have to load in the player, I want to have them encoded into the video. Can anyone tell me what to use for this?


20th November 2001, 05:10
1. Save the file you get from SubRip as .srt

2. Convert the .srt to .ssa using a program like this (http://www.divx-digest.com/software/srt2ssa.html). (the download link only seems to work about 1 out of 15 tries for me, keep trying if you get an error)

3. Download and install SubStation Alpha (http://www.eswat.demon.co.uk/download32.html).

4. Open, edit, and save the converted .ssa file using SubStation Alpha (http://www.eswat.demon.co.uk/) as necessary.

5. Encode using Avery Lee's SSA plugin (http://www.virtualdub.org/virtualdub_filters).

20th November 2001, 18:48
Thanks! I figured I would have to do something like that, but I needed that SRT to SSA converter. I finally got the link to work, lol.


3rd March 2002, 00:30
wow this topic is very helpful, thx :D