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18th November 2001, 21:03
To those of you who have one of these CPUs(or any lower Athlon XP) how well does MPEG-2 capture work at high resolution? What is the best program for this? What about direct VCD capture? I am planning to build a new system soon with at least an Athlon 1800+ and a Geforce2 Ti video card with VIVO. I would like to be able to capture from TV or VHS with good quality for VCD and possibly DVD later on. I am just curious as to how much CPU it takes to do this (MPEG-2). I can do VCD with my current setup(600 Athlon) but with less quality than I would like. What's the best way to capture to MPEG-1/2?

How fast can you convert DVD to VCD with TMPGEnc with an Athlon XP? I've read that you can do DVD to DivX at ~25-30 fps with Fast-Recompress in VirtualDub. Is this true? Can you really convert a movie in less time than it takes to play it? That would be great. I currently only get about ~9-11 fps.

21st November 2001, 07:46
Well I only have a AthlonXP 1600+, but I'd be happy to test it out for you. Know where I can find a MPEG-2 codec to capture with?

21st November 2001, 17:51
I only know of nanoDVR and WinDVR/WinCoder for direct MPEG-2 capture. You can get a trial version of nanoDVR at www.nanocosmos.de/multimedia/us/nanoDVR.htm and a trial of WinDVR/WinCoder at http://www.intervideo.com

If any one knows of another program to do this please let me know.

21st November 2001, 17:52
I'm sorry, that's the wrong pae for nanoDVR. It should be http://www.nanocosmos.de/main/us/download.htm

21st November 2001, 17:53
I would appreciate it if you could try nanoDVR or WinDVR/WinCoder for MPEG-1 and 2.


21st November 2001, 19:08
Other MPEG 1/2 direct capture program (afaik) :
Ulead VideoStudio 5

I tried both in MPEG2 full screen capture, but quality is really bad compared to an offline compression with CCE, tsunami or whatever.

My CPU is not enough powerfull anyway (T-Bird 900)

Maybe you could get a much better quality with an Athlon XP...

21st November 2001, 22:26
Okay, I tried out NanoDVR and here's what I got:

640x480 Mpeg2 = nope. I tried with all the quality settings turned off and still no go. Runs out of buffers.

480x480 mpeg2 = nope. Same thing, only takes longer to run out.

340x480 mpeg2 = no problem.

VCD capture = no problem.

Here's my setup:

AthlonXP 1600+
512 MB DDR-Ram

25th November 2001, 18:38

Thanks for trying. I guess I will have to get a bigger hard drive and capture uncompressed and then use CCE for anything above VCD.


26th November 2001, 20:15
I know that a lot of people complain about the ATI cards, but I am able (now) to capture at 640x480 mpeg-2 with no problem at all on my XP 1800+. Before I upgraded though, I had a pentium 2 300 and I was still able to capture at half resoltion (320x240) mpeg-2 with the MMC software.

I think that the test above are not right, or not configured well. I know that the ATI cards are good at getting mpeg-2s, but they can't be that much better than compeditors.

Old system:
pentium II 300
128 mb ram
60 gig capture drive

New System:
XP 1800+
512 mb ram
same 60 gig drive
same capture card

28th November 2001, 07:38

Now you've got me curious. Please try out the demo version of NanoDVR and let us know what results you get. I tried all the different options and still couldn't capture at full resolution MPEG-2.

Right now my guess is that:
1) NanoDVR has a really slow encoding algorithm, or
2) ATI has highly optimized encoding for their chipset

28th November 2001, 19:34
ok .... I will try it tonight ... when I get home.

7th December 2001, 06:14
sorry about taking so long to do the test. I didn't get nanoDVR to install right ... and I have been too busy to fix it.

I didn't get the program to work quite right. For some reason it would record a few seconds and stop, then it would mux the audio and video into nothingness and delete the originals. So, I didn't have any output.

As for the capturing, I was able to capture 640x480 resolution into mpeg-2 with 30 fps with minimal frame loss. (although I always had some. Usually about 50 every 20 seconds) I tried it in xp and 2000 with the same results.

10th December 2001, 04:01
TelemachusMH - thanks for trying out NanoDVR. That's exactly what happened when I tested it. The clip stops after a couple seconds because you ran out of buffers.

It shows the buffers as xx/yy at the top of the screen during capture. You can increase the buffer size in the settings, but that just gives you a few more seconds.

"... As for the capturing, I was able to capture 640x480 resolution into mpeg-2 with 30 fps with minimal frame loss. (although I always had some. Usually about 50 every 20 seconds) I tried it in xp and 2000 with the same results."

What program were you using here?

10th December 2001, 15:27
Hi. I got a T-bird 900Mhz whit 256MB ram 20GB HDD asus V7700 TV in/out 32MB gts and SBlive 5.1 and i used ulead media studio 6 and did capture at MPEG-2 720*576 25 fps and default movie kvality sound whit no frames dropped...did only try to capture 1min but can do longer capture if you like....MPEG-1/2 are not high compressed and should work on XP1800+ whitout any problem at all....I can also compress to DivX (using pcm audio) that are far more cpu demanding...Im going to try this nanDVD to see if it works for me.

11th December 2001, 08:57
Hi...again. NanoDVD seems to have a bad mpeg-1/2 compressor did stop after 10 seconds, so it would be nice if some1 of you other guys could try ulead to see if it works for you to.

13th December 2001, 23:26
Ah okay, it's good to hear that it's not only a problem with my computer + NanoDVR.

I have some time this week so I'll try to hunt down the ULead program and test it out.

22nd December 2001, 19:45
PowerVCR has mpeg2 using wdm, winvcr has mpeg2 with vfw... Havent tested the quality of either for that format.

26th December 2001, 18:23
I have a 1.2 GHz Athlon and an ATI AIW 128 Pro (32 megs RAM). I can capture 640x480 resolution MPEG-2 using ATI's software with no problems, even with all quality settings set to max.

You should have no problems at all with the CPU setup you have. Major concern would be with the video card. That will be the biggest bottleneck.