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23rd May 2005, 19:28

I do hope someone within this forum can help me. I have read all through the forum posts and can not find an answer to my problem. I purchased a AOpen DVD +/- RW drive about 2 months ago.I try playing a burnt DVD in my Sony 5 disk changer but it comes back and tells me that the disk can not be read. I know this player supports DVD backups as my step son has backed a few up for me in the past. The method I tried is the same he used with the exception that he used an older version of these two programs. The method I used is as follows. I use DVDShrink to rip the movie to my harddrive. I then burn the movie using Nero. I select the create DVD video on the nero menu. I usually burn it at whatever the computer decided was the best.
My computer is a rather old and slow model. It is a AMD K-6 with 450 MHz processor and 128 MB of ram running Windows 98SE. I have talked with the manufacturer and they assure me though slow it will do the job. I have also tried several different media brands in both CD -/+ R. My step son has backed up several DVD's with every brand can imagine and has never had a problem getting them to play on my DVD standalone DVD player. Any suggestions or recommendations of things I should look for that might be the problem?

23rd May 2005, 20:35
1) Select a slow burn speed - your computer being slow can lead to buffer underrun problems, which in turn will ruin the burn. Start at 2X.

2) Can you burn directly with DVD Shrink? And are you using Nero DVD Builder or just burning the files "as is" to a data DVD?

23rd May 2005, 23:53
Can you burn directly with DVD Shrink? And are you using Nero DVD Builder or just burning the files "as is" to a data DVD?

I use Nero Burning Rom, I have also tried Nero 6 and Nero Express. None of them work to create a disk playable in my standalone DVD player nor my DVD drive on my pc.

25th May 2005, 04:14
Click on this link to mrbass. (His guides are very useful and should be required reading for newbies):)

Follow his directions till you get to backup target.


Then burn to your DVD burner instead of your Hard Drive.

"Select Backup Target" on Shrink choose your burner designation.
Mine for instance shows "E: HP420n" which is my burner.

Also, make Sure that you have Nero ticked in preferences.

Go to EDIT at the top of shrink, Click it then go down the list to
PREFERENCES click it. Now go to FILE I/O. Make sure "ENABLE BURNING WITH NERO" is ticked. Burn away.:)

P.S. In choosing burn speed, don't burn over 4x. Also, this method will avoid you having to go into Nero express, which has been from time to time not very cooperative.
Let me know if you are successful.

31st May 2005, 02:56
I was finally able to burn my first successful DVD backup. I did it with DVD Shrink and then a program called DVD Decryptor. I used Shrink to copy the DVD and take out anything I did not want. I saved the file as an ISO image. I then used Decryptor to burn the file to disk. I backed off my burn speed to 4x and 30 minutes later I was watching my first successful disk. By using this method I was able to accomplish the copy with a AMD-K6 450 MHz computer. Thank you to those who helped me with this issue. You all were a big help to me. I will continue to watch this forum site and see if I can share knowledge I have gained with others having problems.

1st June 2005, 21:36
And it all comes together. Glad you were successful.

As you said, as you become more knowledgeable with these programs, pass on Your knowledge to the newer Newbies, they need it. :D